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Prue Bryant: How do I know if I’m ready for a leadership role?

Prue Bryant, Rental Department Manager at Brad Teal, discusses preparing yourself for a leadership role and how you can tell if you're ready to step up.


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It’s interesting because I think more and more these days and just with the generation that we’re dealing with – everyone wants to be a leader. Everybody wants to take that next step, they want that career progression. They’re very ambitious and I guess dealing with, you know, for me I’m managing a really large team and predominantly female, and they are really all wanting that next step and to be the leaders.

So for me, I need to identify obviously the qualities that people have in them. Personality, how they approach thing, how they manage things, how they treat other people, how they perform obviously. Their ability to set a good example, to do things that are different not just do what’s expected but maybe just going a little bit over and above what is expected because I think if you want to be the next leader, then you need to actually be the leader before you become the leader. It’s like a job. You’ve got to perform that job before you actually get the job. So I think that’s really important.

And, people don’t understand. I think these days that obviously it’s all about the title. I think it’s all again going back to that crew career progression – people just want title. Now, being a leader and obviously being a manager are very different. So we’ve got a lot of managers or a lot of senior people that not necessarily right leaders, but they’re great at what they do.

So they’re great at their job, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re my next future leaders.

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