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Heidi Walkinshaw: How can I get back on top of my time management?

Do you know where your time goes? As part of our PM Transform 2018 Highlights series, Heidi Walkinshaw of Real+ has some tips finding out and getting more productive work done.


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Look at blocking things out. We know things like rent reviews can be pre-planned. You can look at those once a month so that you can put them into your calendar. Once per month, first Thursday of the month, that’s when we look at our rent reviews. We know we can look at the lease at the same time every day.

We know that we can be pre-planning our vacate inspections that tend to gives you notice, you know they’re going to be vacating 21 days from now. Let’s plan for the day after or two days after, we can go out and do that vacate inspection that also helps you with compliance in terms of being able to notify that tenant when it comes to – when that inspections is going to be. So start to pre-plan your life, pre-plan it one month, two month, six months in advance.

You can put recurring appointments, recurring tasks on so for all those things like your rent reviews, like your lease expires of when you’re going to be looking at those sorts of things so that you can start to work your life around those things as well and working smarter not harder when it comes to organizing your week and your months within a year.

We then start to look at prioritising and keeping in mind that what gets prioritised gets done and a lot of your clients out there whether it be landlords, tenants or trainees will be thinking the same thing too. So when they see it on your priority list and that’s probably one of the most vital points when it comes to Property Management of the future, especially as we start to automate more because they will start to look at how fast they can get in contact with you and where they sit on the priority list.

It’s really important to sit there first thing in the morning, just have at least 15 minutes of planning time in your calendar to start to look at your priorities and have a look at where you can prioritise the current work that sitting in your inbox, the current work that sitting in your in tray. If you’ve got piles of paperwork that are sitting there as well so that you can get through that paperwork.

You might like to give it a bit of a traffic use it like a traffic light system. So red, amber, green – the red stuff is obviously stuff that we need to deal with right here, right now. It needs to be dealt with this morning. Without fail and maybe it’s something that’s been sitting there for quite some time. Maybe it’s something that we’ve been procrastinating over and let’s face it. We’re all guilty of procrastinating at times.

Then we get into Amber. So things that are getting to the point of that red. We want to deal with them next on the list and then green are things lower down on the list.

What tends to happen sometimes is we find that we want to do the green stuff because it might be easier, it might be much easier to get through and it means that we can just get through it and the job done and we both still avoiding that stuff. The stuff that’s in the red is the stuff that’s potentially going to be complaint inducing so we want to be able to tackle that first and get on top of it.

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