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Lisa Perruzza: What should a BDM be posting on social media?

PM Transform 2018 Highlights: Lisa Perruzza, Business Development and Leasing Team Manager at Place Bulimba, explains how to engage with your community via social media, and the different kinds of content you should be sharing. With thanks to Real Plus, realestate.com.au Agent Advantage and Rockend.


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I’ve actually learned and looked at same mistakes that I previously made. So a lot of my posts in the past would have been, “Hey, look at me. I’ve just leased this property.” No information, just a picture of me posing with the ‘leased’ sign. This is not really serving any purpose.

So, I actually have my digital footprint analysed and I got a score of 48 per cent, which is fantastic because it meant there were a lot of opportunities for me to grow and change what I put out there to the marketplace.

So, most of my posts now are around giving clients information about the results. So you’ll still see me post with the ‘leased’ sign. But I’ll also be telling the client where that property is, how much it leased for, how many days it was on the market. So people can actually see the results that are achieving, not just looking at me with a pretty sign.

So it’s really important to me that when I’m posting a picture or even doing a video that I’m giving a message across the client because people want to hear stories. They are more engaged in looking at a video or reading a post if you’re actually giving them relevant information around what you’re doing. Because ultimately, my role as BDM is to grow the rent roll. So I want to be putting posts out there that are relevant to the type of people that I want to connect with. 

So I’m hoping that the majority of my audience is going to be current or future investors so they can see my success rate through the videos and photos that I’m taking. Ultimately, when they are thinking about property management and investing, they’re going to want to engage with me.

Let me tell you, it works really, really well. I get stopped in the street quite frequently where I work. It’s sort of an urban hub of shops, restaurants and cafes. I’m well known in the local community, but people will stop and talk to me about my successes because they’re seeing things online. 

Now I think that feedback is really relevant because not everybody gives you the thumbs up. Not everybody’s like your post, but they’re actually looking at it. Actually verbalising it to me that they’ve seen it and they think that my successes are very good and they’re enjoying what I’m doing. It means that it is working. Ultimately, they’ve got a friend that’s investing or they’re going to invest, they know that they’ve got to call me.

I get a lot of referrals from friends, because they will see my successes online and then they will refer their friends and family to me. So the most of my business comes from referral networks, which is great. It’s important to me that those messages that I’m sending out are consistent. So I try and post something daily. I try and do 1-2 videos a week. And a lot of my posts as well, I think you also have to look at what you are putting out online. There has to be consistency, but it can’t be the same message all the time.

I do post a lot about what I may be doing in the local community, if I’m at a charity event. Our agency’s quite large, so a lot of our sales agents hold local charity events. I make sure that I’m present at all of those. So they’ve got a rental presence within their sales team. And I post about being there and what we’re achieving as a team, but also engaging with the local community.

So, whether it’s me going to the coffee shop or if I’m in a restaurant in the evening, I’ll take a photo of where I am. Maybe a little video. So it shows to people that I am engaged within our local community. But it’s also promoting local business as well. I know a lot of businesses like me and like my page. It works but it has to be consistent.

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