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Grant Turner: How quickly should I be responding to emails?

PM Transform 2018 Highlights: Grant Turner, Residential Sales Manager of REA Group, explains why he doesn't think automatic email responses are the right thing for your business, and how you can easily tailor them for a better result. With thanks to Real Plus, realestate.com.au Agent Advantage and Rockend.


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It was actually your competition. Let’s just hone in on one small part, which is how quickly you reply to email inquiries. Now, I’m a little bit against, and this is just myself personally, so the instant reply. Well, it’s a … It’s only you get a reply, and it’s very generic. That being said, let me just share with you one little story.

So first of all, our competition is not your other agents in the area. They’re the people like Amazon. They’re the people like Facebook. They’re the people that actually people perceive to be the best experience their having.

The gap between their best experience and you is where the opportunity is. So what we did, before I was with realestate.com.au, for about 8 years I worked with a lady called Judy – and she was one of the number one agents in the Ray White group back then. And we used to use this as a tool and you’ll be able to use this as a BDM tool to get rid of the competition, a little bit like Kurtis talked about building FOMO.

So what we do just before we leave the presentation and say, “whoever you choose, one of the most important things is that they actually look and nurture after any leads that you spend marketing and bringing in the door.”

“So what I want you to do – is as I leave those two or three people that you’re speaking to, I want you to send an anonymous email inquiry off to those two or three people.

“I’ll touch based you tomorrow, and let’s look at the two things: the speed of the reply, and most importantly the quality of the reply.”

So what we do, we wouldn’t want them to give them too much time, we give him a call about eleven o’clock the next day. Hey, how’d you go – ¬†immediately, we would eliminate half our competition.

Okay, because they’re asking for landlord marketing contributions and all those things but they can’t look after lead when it comes through. The second thing here is we would also wipeout is people would just have the standard reply response.

We would actually have a rule. We have one person in the office for this and I know some of the size of your offices this won’t work. We’d have a one-hour business rule. So we would turn an email inquiry around and when we set it up – part of our response was to write this most beautiful email – we want to thank you for inquiry on this great new property over in Ascot. One of the best features of this home has to be the outdoor ….. seriously the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

In relation to price/ in relation to open times/ we put it all there in the template and so be copy-paste. I take that line, I take that line out. P.S. We noticed most people wouldn’t leave their phone numbers. So we noticed you didn’t leave a phone number best way to do is this and it would just be a really beautifully well written email.

Now, this email wasn’t just for the buyer or the prospective tenant. It was for future sellers / potential property managers, and so we were really really big on that and if you want to get rid of competition in your area, really easy way just to play that card for do it well, do it properly and have business rules around it.

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