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William Chan: How should I organise a growing database?

Transform 2018 Highlights: William Chan of Savills explains the key factors agents need to consider when building their database with leads. With thanks to CoreLogic Australia, AREC 2018 and realestate.com.au Agent Advantage.


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Firstly, I think you’ve got to accept that you’re not going to have a perfect database ever. It doesn’t work like that. I think, by the time you start calling the people from the start of the list to the end, the people at the start already have changes in their own circumstances.
I think what you just keep in mind is every single call, you’re updating the database: new email addresses, people’s circumstances, just making notes. Every single call, you update the database that way.
Work with a short list of active buyers and sellers. So it’s going to be quite a big pool. I just extract the ones that you want to work with and keep the number short. 15 buyers and maybe 15 sellers is sort of my [numbers]. Delete anyone who’s not active. So if they’re just starting to look in the area, they’re a tenant, they just started, no finance done, then just take them off the database.
If they bought elsewhere and they don’t own any other real estate in your area, they don’t plan to buy in your area, off the database. If they’re an active buyer, they’re going to open homes, they’re making bids on properties, they’re an under-bidder on an auction.

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