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Steve Carroll: What does a 5-star experience in real estate look like?

Transform 2018 Highlights: realestate.com.au's Steve Carroll gives his tips for delivering a five star experience in real estate, and explains why agents are being compared to Uber. With thanks to CoreLogic Australia, AREC 2018 and realestate.com.au Agent Advantage.


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One of the things that agents don’t do particularly well is they’re not very good at returning calls. So, this is not a criticism of agents. This is just a fact that agents are very, very, very busy people.
But if I make contact with an agent, and the agent doesn’t call me back or respond to my text or email in 5, 10, 15 minutes, then that actually gives me a bad feeling about that agent, right?
Now, whether or not we agree or we disagree whether that’s fair or not, that’s just the world that we live in. Now, the best agents that I’m speaking to are starting to use technology and robotic technology to deal with enquiries.
For example, “Thanks for emailing me about 3 Smith Street, Sam. Unfortunately, I can’t attend to your call at the moment. But, here’s the floor plan. Here’s the link to the property on realestate.com.au.” 
The person’s not speaking to the agent, but the agent is using robotic technology to obviously ensure there’s something, ’cause something’s better than a wait.
More and more people that stay in hotels are getting frustrated at the whole process of checking out of a hotel, yeah? So, I think we all understand that when you check out at 10 o’clock in the morning, spending 4 or 5 minutes is a pain. All you got to do is get out of the hotel and get in the taxi or whatever. 
And the reason why hotels are getting it in the neck at the moment is because consumers compare an experience of getting out of an Uber. So, when you think about an Uber, you get to your destination, you don’t have to do anything. You literally say, “thanks, mate. I’m outta here.” Yeah?
And so, what Uber has done is raised the expectation of consumers around that payment process. The reason why that’s important, is if I’m thinking about selling my house through Ash – who’s obviously on the webinar just prior to me – if I’m on the way to see Ash, I jump out of an Uber and the process is seamless. 
I then walk into Ash’s office. My expectation is that the payment process, the paperwork side of things that Ash and his team serve up to me is as good as Uber, because I’m going to compare experiences, ’cause that’s the way the world works today. 
And if Ash does not give me an experience that is as good as Uber, then he’s not going to get five stars. If he’s lucky, he’ll get four. He’s probably likely to get three.

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