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Resilience: agents who came back from the brink

Resilience. It’s a key word a lot of agents and top coaches say you need if you’re going to succeed in real estate.

But what is resilience? 

The Oxford English Dictionary defines resilience as: “The quality or fact of being able to recover quickly or easily from, or resist being affected by, a misfortune, shock, illness, etc; robustness…”

Ok, but what does resilience look like in real estate? And how can you demonstrate it in your own life and career if, and when, you need to?

Below, we share five stories of agents who have demonstrated the ultimate in resilience, pulling themselves up after almost losing their life, losing their business and hitting rock bottom.

The common thing that unites them all is courage, determination and the will to succeed, no matter what life throws at them.

From near-death to real estate success

Samantha Barlow – Laing+Simmons Port Macquarie

In 2009, Samantha was living her dream, working as a sergeant in the NSW Police Force. 

But when a recently paroled drug addict armed himself with a house brick and brutally attacked her one night as she walked past Arthur Reserve, near Sydney’s Kings Cross, Samantha’s dream job, and almost her life, was ripped from her.

The young mum, who was married to a fellow officer and had two small children at home, spent months in hospital and a year in recovery, determined to return to the police and achieve all that she had planned to.

With courage, resilience and sheer determination, Samantha achieved that aim, but ultimately it ended her police career and she forged a new career, this time in real estate.

Now a Laing+Simmons agent and auctioneer in Port Macquarie, Samantha represents the epitome of coming back from the brink with determination, focus and a will to succeed.

Want to know more? Hear Samantha chat with Leanne Pilkington in Courageous Conversations on the tools you can use in times of challenge, how a competitive nature played a role in her recovery and the skills that transfer from policing to real estate, here

Heart and soul

Martin Millard – Ray White Group

When Martin Millard started his real estate career 23 years ago he wore a borrowed suit and busted shoes, pounding the pavement to desperately try and make ends meet for his wife and their four children.

The sobering experience came not long after he became bankrupt and lost his business, which was Queensland’s first vineyard retreat, Happy Valley, at Stanthorpe.

In 2006, Martin bought into a major real estate business and set about rebuilding himself, the agency and his team members, with a combination of determination, hard work and a passion for doing right by others propelling him forward.

But the twists and turns in his life weren’t over and in 2017 Martin suffered a heart attack while out cycling with friends, which saw him incredibly lucky to survive.

Want to know more? Martin was our Elite Agent magazine cover agent in September 2019, and you can read all about his unique approach to business, life and real estate here.

Conquering extreme adversity to rebuild a business

Marnie Beauchamp – coach/mentor

Some would argue there’s an element of luck to building a high-performing real estate career. Successful coach and selling agent Marnie Beauchamp is proof luck’s got nothing to do with it.

In a career that’s spanned almost 30 years, Marnie has enjoyed the stunning highs of real estate and endured some soul-destroying lows, including losing her father in the same year she lost her marriage, her thriving business, and her ability to earn as an agent.

Faced with the option of walking away from real estate or rebuilding from scratch, Marnie took incredible adversity and turned it around.

She got back up when it was tempting to stay down, summoned faith in herself when self-confidence was in short supply, and focused on hard work that reaped swift results.

Want to know more? Marnie shares with Leanne Pilkington in Courageous Conversations, the story of how she overcame losing it all to rebuild her business, reignite her real estate career and then reinvent herself as one of the industry’s best coaches. More here.

From high school dropout to Harvard alumni

Scott Bateman

Once a troubled teenager who fell in with the wrong crowd and ended up kicked out of home and school at just 15, it’s hard to see any remnants of that past when you look at Scott Bateman now. 

The Chief Executive Officer of Australian property management software company, Kolmeo, Scott is now among the smartest minds in real estate, Harvard educated and a highly sought presenter on all things business and PM.

But to turn it all around, Scott had to dig deep within, question who he was and what he wanted from life. 

Then he had to reach out for help to get where he is today. Scott’s story really is one of true reinvention.

Want to know more? Listen in as Scott shares with Leanne Pilkington in Courageous Conversations his journey of self-realisation, how he discovered his uncanny knack for sales and business, why further education was daunting, how he overcame his fears and why being vulnerable was the best decision he ever made, here.

Starting a new chapter

Ruma Mundi – McGrath 

Ruma Mundi might have carved out a highly regarded career as an agent and leader, but like many, the road to real estate success hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

Instead, it has involved thrilling highs and bitter lows, including the loss of a profitable business, a high court battle over the demise of a professional partnership, and the end of her marriage.

Now a sought-after industry speaker and award-winning agent, Ruma says, with the benefit of hindsight, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Each of the decisions she’s made ultimately led to a better place, even though she may not have known it at the time.

Want to know more? Ruma offers a candid and thought-provoking insight into her journey, including the lessons she’s learned and the change in mindset she has made as a result, in this Courageous Conversation with Leanne Pilkington. More here.

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