Courageous Conversations: How Samantha Barlow overcame a horrific twist of fate to reclaim her life, recover her happiness, and find real estate as a way to help others

How do you reclaim your life after a horrendous twist of fate leaves you fighting to survive and robs you of your dream vocation? 

You try a different path, stay focused, and ensure one event doesn’t change the person you are, says Laing + Simmons agent and auctioneer Samantha Barlow.

In 2009, Samantha was living her dream as a Sergeant in the NSW Police Force when she was brutally attacked by a random stranger and left for dead.

The young mum, who was married to a fellow officer and had two small children at home, spent months in hospital and a year in recovery, determined to return to the police and achieve all that she had planned to.

With courage, resilience and sheer determination, Samantha achieved that aim, but ultimately it ended her police career.

In this raw and inspiring Courageous Conversation, Samantha shares her story, including the mindset she drew on throughout her recovery, why giving up was never an option, and how her passion for helping people as a police officer translated into a successful real estate career.

“I’m still thankfully helping everyone, but just in a different way – whether it’s finding something for them to live in or to help them sell it. People are so vulnerable when they’re buying or selling a home. They need someone they can trust. I’m as transparent as anyone could be coming from what I did. And I love that aspect of it.” Samantha Barlow.

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Leanne and Samantha also discuss:

  • The tools everyone can harness in times of challenge
  •  How a competitive nature played a role in Samantha’s recovery
  • Why a life changing event made her more determined than ever to succeed
  • How real estate shaped her life before the police and filled the gap afterwards
  • The skills that translate from policing to real estate
    And more

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This episode of Courageous Conversations contains sensitive subject matter regarding mental health and potentially confronting or triggering topics. If you, or someone you know, is struggling with mental health or anything mentioned in this episode triggers you, please remember that help is available 24 hours a day from Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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Leanne Pilkington

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