Courageous Conversations: The surprising story of Scott Bateman’s journey from high school dropout to Harvard alumni and Kolmeo CEO

Even the best in the business change tack, rethink their careers, and doubt their ability. Here, Scott Bateman shares a surprising story of how he went from high school dropout to Kolmeo CEO.

Kolmeo’s Scott Bateman could quite rightly be described as among the smartest minds in any real estate room. He’s Harvard educated, quick as a whip and a firm fan favourite when it comes to all things business and property management.

What makes this all the more interesting is the fact Scott was a high school dropout.

Kicked out of home and booted from school after falling in with the wrong crowd aged just 15, the success and renown he enjoys today certainly did not come easily.

In fact, getting where he is involved realising some hard truths, actively seeking some new skills and engaging in some serious self-reflection.

In this Courageous Conversation with Leanne Pilkington, Scott looks back on how he went from high-school dropout to chef then Kolmeo CEO.

He shares an insight into his journey, including the pivotal moments that taught him to question who he was and what he wanted from life, and how he reached out for the help he needed to get where he is today.

Real, reflective and very pragmatic, this episode is all about what’s involved in changing course and taking responsibility for your own destiny.

It’s one part a cautionary tale for your teenage child, and another a lesson in personal re-invention. Oh and as it’s Scott, it’s very down to earth, totally relatable and leaves us all in awe that little more.

From aspirations of becoming a fighter pilot, to the reality of being a hardworking chef, and then discovering an uncanny knack for sales and business, this is a story of reinvention and self-realisation.

It’s also a lesson is being vulnerable, owning your weaknesses and reaching out for a helping hand when it’s required.

“All too often we assume that we’re a burden to someone or we’re asking too much. It’s like, no, people actually do enjoy helping you, but you’ve got to be willing to ask and then put in the work. It’s as simple as that.” – Scott Bateman.

Leanne and Scott also discuss

  • How Scott narrowly avoided going down the wrong path and carved out a successful career by finding his strengths and realising everyone occasionally needs a helping hand.
  • Why, despite dreams of becoming a fighter pilot, he initially became a chef and the lessons it taught him that continue to serve him today.
  • How Scott came to be in sales and the strategies he used to consistently improve and gain success.
  • Why further education was daunting, how he overcame his fears and why being vulnerable was the best decision he ever made.
  • How Scott found himself completing an MBA and then attending Harvard, and what that turnaround taught him.
  • Where property management is headed in the future, including the biggest challenges facing the sector.
  • Why taking risks and being prepared to fail is essential in the current business landscape.
  • Why Scott’s excited about the future of property management, and the lessons that can be learnt from the banking sector.
  • How technology accents but can never replace the human factor in real estate,and how to tread the fine line in business.

And much, much more…

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