Winning strategy: Scott Bateman on challenging your thinking, transforming your business, and why there is no best service

When it comes to business growth and strategy, few in the industry rival the thought leadership of Komeo’s Scott Bateman. Here, he offers an insight into how leaders can think differently to find clarity, opportunity and a true point of difference in their business.

When it comes to creating a winning strategy, most agents would tell you that they have either the best people or the best service, but what does that even mean? Particularly when everyone else says the same thing.

Kolmeo’s Scott Bateman believes there is no best service. He also argues there’s a time when businesses should ignore their customers to deliver true innovation.

It’s thinking like this that has seen Scott build a highly successful career and become one of the most sought-after thought leaders in the industry when it comes to business growth and strategy.

Drawing on time spent at Harvard Business School, case study learning and 20 years leadership experience, Scott helps businesses unearth opportunities, find marketing clarity and define their true point of difference.

In this Elevate podcast with Elite Agent managing editor Smantha McLean, Scott offers a preview of the game-changing business strategy sessions he will deliver at Elite Retreat from July 31.

Scott looks at why businesses will either be cost leaders or service leaders, but there is no best service.

He delves into when businesses should stop asking their customers what they can do better, and instead turn to the people who don’t use their service to better understand opportunities that lie untapped.

He also shines a spotlight on the trends both inside and beyond the industry that will shape the future, and how they impact real estate operations in unexpected ways.

In the process, Scott looks at some of the key challenges facing the industry at the present and shares how business leaders can combat the ‘great resignation’ by delivering the right support and opportunities for their staff.

In a podcast that’s all about getting to the heart of what your business does and defining where you want it to go, Scott also provides the key questions every business should ask to change the playing field and create action.

“The problem is this: if you ask people what they want, they will inevitably tell you something which is a few per cent better than what they’re currently getting. The trap with that is it forces a situation in which businesses incrementally improve something, where they’re increasingly looking the same and building the same thing.

The best businesses actually don’t ask that question. They often don’t talk to the existing users of a thing. They go to the people who don’t use it, or don’t like how things are done. And they’ll learn from that.” – Scott Bateman

Scott and Samantha also discuss:

  • The current trends emerging in the industry and how leaders can define and use them to create a better business while also improving the experience of their staff.
  • How to mitigate the mass exodus from property management and why staff members need four key things from any employer.
  • Why case studies are a great way of unearthing opportunity in a business, and how you can use them to implement clear and actionable business strategy.
  • How to define your point of difference as a cost leader or service leader and why this matters to your customer.
  • Why the term ‘best service’ is a false truism, and often leads to business creating complex steps, extra tasks and unnecessary layers.
  • What business leaders can learn from IKEA and the alcohol-free beer movement when it comes to looking at business opportunity differently.
  • When a business should ignore their customer to create true innovation, and who they should be talking to instead.
  • Why ‘different’ and ‘better’ are two very separate things, and how knowing which one you provide creates clarity for your business.
  • How to pick the most important things to focus on in a business, including the key questions you should ask.
  • What Scott will offer at Elite Retreat from July 31 to August 3, and how it will provide attendees with clear strategies that they can immediately implement in their business.

And much, much more

You can find out more about Elite Retreat and the lineup of speakers and experts attending here.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.