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Jet Xavier

Jet Xavier is Australia’s leading Mindset Coach for real estate sales professionals. For more information visit
  • Photo of Workplace wellness key to success

    Workplace wellness key to success

    The best leaders are staying abreast of current global wellness trends and applying them to their own businesses. Then they are closing the gap between what employees value in regards to wellness and wellbeing and what employers provide. Finally, they are focusing on what they can control and influence to improve wellness and wellbeing in…

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  • Photo of It’s the climb: Jet Xavier

    It’s the climb: Jet Xavier

    In May 2019 I will be taking a group of real estate professionals on a personal development trek to Mt Everest’s Base Camp. The aim of the trek is to help them grow as humans, and also to raise money for the charity Seven Women, which is based in Kathmandu, Nepal. But what many people…

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  • Photo of How being quiet can help you find your voice

    How being quiet can help you find your voice

    Recently I went on a 10-day residential retreat to learn an ancient Buddhist meditation technique called Vipassana. It required not talking for 10 days, meditating for 10 hours a day, fasting for 18 hours a day taking only a little fruit occasionally, and being shut out from everything I've known in my world for the last 53…

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  • Photo of Five tips for building a sustainable business

    Five tips for building a sustainable business

    After years of rising growth, which some would say were boom market years post-GFC, things were bound to re-adjust. During the good times, we saw the emergence of the million-dollar agent and TV shows of the same name. Seminars and coaching all reflected this new breed of agent and what was possible in real estate…

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  • Photo of How to avoid loneliness at the top

    How to avoid loneliness at the top

    Despite the fact that many contemporary leadership environments now have become a flat leadership structure, millennial open-office collaborative affair, the essence of leadership is still the same. The buck stops with somebody. When the hard decisions need to be made, when the responsibility for everything needs to be taken, when taking the risks at the highest…

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  • Photo of Writing it down: Jet Xavier

    Writing it down: Jet Xavier

    Now before you stop reading, switch off and think, ‘How can something like journaling improve my business?’, let me show you how. What journaling does is alleviate some of the key roadblocks to success in real estate: stress and anxiety, negative mindsets, lack of discipline and consistency. Journaling is a powerful tool to clear the mind. Tim Ferriss says, “I’m just…

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  • Photo of Jet Xavier: 7 Steps to greater wellness and wellbeing

    Jet Xavier: 7 Steps to greater wellness and wellbeing

    A recent wellness and wellbeing industry white paper came up with some disturbing findings - 65 per cent of the industry is often stressed, 47 per cent often deal with physical symptoms of anxiety and 46 per cent find work often impacts on relationships. It’s time to act. 1. THRIVE The industry is all about striving, not…

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  • Photo of Jet Xavier: How to eliminate distractions for good

    Jet Xavier: How to eliminate distractions for good

    For many of us, boosting productivity is high on our list of priorities.  However, as top mindset coach Jet Xavier says, you can’t achieve big things if you are distracted by small things. At work are you always reading or checking unimportant emails? Being interrupted by chatty co-workers? Having endless, pointless meetings? Surfing the net or…

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  • Photo of Balancing Family and Real Estate: Jet Xavier

    Balancing Family and Real Estate: Jet Xavier

    Have you made a New Year’s resolution to spend more quality family time? Jet Xavier shares some practical tips for giving 100 per cent in both your work and family life using practical examples from some of today’s successful agents. Many parents in real estate struggle to find the right balance between doing fun things…

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  • Photo of Time to Rise and Shine: Jet Xavier

    Time to Rise and Shine: Jet Xavier

    The old ‘hustle and grind’ message perpetuated through current social media platforms and those driven to succeed at all costs seems to be failing people. It is only working for those willing to risk almost everything – from health, family and relationships to retention of staff, good culture and leadership, and much more – to…

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  • Photo of How to Grow Your Business in Less Time

    How to Grow Your Business in Less Time

    1 MODEL SUCCESS If you look at many of the top agents in Australia, the one thing they did was find somebody who was very successful and work for them. This way they learnt from the best and grew their business on the experience of the super-agent. Not always easy to do, but if you…

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  • Photo of Is Real Estate Killing You?

    Is Real Estate Killing You?

    Most of us know about stress. You’ve probably been too busy to eat properly, spend little time with your loved ones and lie awake at nights fretting about work. Is that the price of success, or are you heading for burnout? I worked with a client once who was a very successful agent. However, he…

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  • Photo of Who is the agent of the future?

    Who is the agent of the future?

    With the threat of online portals, ever-lowering fee structures and the potential that in 10-plus years up to 80 per cent of agents possibly won’t have a job, it is critical now that the agent of the future understands the key areas to focus on for greater success. Who do you really need to be?…

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  • Photo of 9 Truths about Success in Real Estate

    9 Truths about Success in Real Estate

    There’s a plethora of information available about how to become a successful agent. Everyone knows what they should be doing, but what about the reality? Check in with where you’re at with these real estate truths from mindset coach Jet Xavier. Too many people try to sugar-coat what it takes to become a successful real…

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  • Photo of 10 Things New Agents Need To Know: Jet Xavier

    10 Things New Agents Need To Know: Jet Xavier

    If you are just getting started in real estate, or want to know how to step further up the ladder, Jet Xavier’s 10-step plan will help you to find your focus in 2017. How do I create a platform for success as an agent? This is a question I get asked constantly by people new…

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  • Photo of Living Life with More Purpose: Jet Xavier

    Living Life with More Purpose: Jet Xavier

    Mark Twain famously said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Have you found out why? Are you on-purpose or just going through the motions in life and business? Top mindset coach Jet Xavier reveals how you can tap into what…

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  • Photo of How to Beat Call Reluctance

    How to Beat Call Reluctance

    “Everybody lives by selling something,” according to Robert Louis Stevenson. But, for many agents, working the phones is still one of the most difficult tasks to face. An agent I was working with told me they found it hard to call people. When I asked why this was, they said they felt uncomfortable ringing people…

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  • Photo of Are You Leaving a Legacy – Or Just a Life?

    Are You Leaving a Legacy – Or Just a Life?

    In the ego-driven real estate industry, the suits, cars and lifestyle lead the way and people are measured by how many homes they have sold. Yet this approach to life leaves many people just searching for something at a deeper level. Jet Xavier asks: What kind of legacy do we leave behind? A COUPLE OF…

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  • Photo of The Awesome Human Manifesto

    The Awesome Human Manifesto

    One of the greatest things you can do to become the best agent you can be is to become the best human you can be, says Jet Xavier. LET’S BE honest; the real estate industry can be a very egocentric and dominated space, filled with people only out for their own needs, when in fact…

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  • Photo of 2016: The Time of Your Life

    2016: The Time of Your Life

    2016 can be the biggest year of your business if you want it to be: the year that you finally draw a line in the sand and get it done. The year you stopped all the BS and excuses, all the procrastinating and blaming, all the anxiety, worry and fear of failure and finally tapped…

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  • Photo of Becoming mindfit with Jet Xavier

    Becoming mindfit with Jet Xavier

    Thank you our Week 5 sponsor: Agentbox provided our Super Six with access to their software for the Transform period and also provided some training to them. See the Agentbox training session here Coaches: Mindset coach Jet Xavier and Charmaine Keegan from Smarter Selling Coaching Links: See all articles written by Jet on Elite Agent here For more information…

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  • Photo of Your Personal Revolution

    Your Personal Revolution

    Jet Xavier explains how a personal revolution can be the catalyst that’s really needed to bring about lasting success. I HAVE MANY agents and principals around Australia coming to me who are realising the way they have done things in the past will not work in the future, and that who they are now will…

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  • Photo of Chasing the Dream

    Chasing the Dream

    Richard Branson has a dream to take people on flights into space. Martin Luther King had a dream that all would be treated equally. Man had a dream of landing on the moon. Walt Disney, Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama: the list goes on. What’s your dream? FOR CENTURIES people have dreamt many things. The…

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  • Photo of Smashing The Mental Barriers

    Smashing The Mental Barriers

    ASK ANY ATHLETE, NEAR-DEATH survivor, Everest summiteer, or even a successful real estate agent what is, the key to their success. Why were they able to withstand and push through the challenges and obstacles that defeated others? They will tell you that having the mental toughness to overcome obstacles was the key. Having the skill…

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  • Photo of 3 keys to SUPERIOR consistency for real estate agents

    3 keys to SUPERIOR consistency for real estate agents

    Jet Xavier looks at three keys to becoming more consistent as an agent, in order to achieve the success you deserve.   “In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we…

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  • Photo of The Elite Performance Formula

    The Elite Performance Formula

    If you think that ‘elite performance’ in the real estate industry means making millions and working more than 100 hours per week, think again. Jet Xavier examines the ways in which you need to make your mind, body and soul the best they can be to perform at the level of success that is best…

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  • Photo of Have a Stress-Free 2013

    Have a Stress-Free 2013

    As an agent, stress is one of the most common challenges you face on a day-to-day basis. How you handle this stress may determine the degree of success in your career. Jet Xavier discusses the definition of stress, how it impacts, and how to deal with it effectively. Daniel Golman, a world leader in managing…

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  • Photo of Stop Procrastinating!

    Stop Procrastinating!

    Our Mindset Coach Jet Xavier says that it’s time to stop putting off the tough tasks – identifying what type of procrastinator you are and why it happens is the first step to finding a solution. What is Procrastination? Procrastination is putting off something we need to do now until a later time. It is…

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  • Photo of How do Their Minds Work?

    How do Their Minds Work?

    This issue Jet Xavier looks at the mindsets of some of the top real estate agents in Australia. I have interviewed some of Australia’s best agents, and in this article I am going to show you five of the key mindsets to their success. EFFICIENCY Top agents have a ‘Formula 1’ racing car mindset. Every…

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  • Photo of Feed Your Mind

    Feed Your Mind

    Mindset coach Jet Xavier talks about the FEED method to re-wiring your brain for success in your career, and why optimism is the new performance tool. Having been a mindset coach for a number of years now in the real estate industry, I am still perplexed by the number of agents who do not address…

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  • Photo of Mindset for Success

    Mindset for Success

    Welcome Jet Xavier, our new mindset columnist. Each issue, Jet will be looking at various aspects of mindset and its application to your success in the Real Estate industry. What is Mindset? Mindset is “a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations”, or simply “thinking that determines…

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  • Photo of Adopt a winning mindset in 2012

    Adopt a winning mindset in 2012

    According to mindset coach Jet Xavier, with a brand new year ahead, real estate sales agents all over Australia will be making a ton of New Years resolutions and looking for the latest marketing tricks, technological gadgets, and anything that can give them the edge. But only a small percentage will achieve their goals. The…

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