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It’s the climb: Jet Xavier

Whether you’re scaling a mountain or climbing the real estate ladder, the basics are the same for tackling major life and career events according to mindset coach Jet Xavier.

In May 2019 I will be taking a group of real estate professionals on a personal development trek to Mt Everest’s Base Camp. The aim of the trek is to help them grow as humans, and also to raise money for the charity Seven Women, which is based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

But what many people don’t realise is that the biggest challenge takes place before the trek.

The Base Camp trek is one of the most spectacular on earth as you head to 5,500 metres above sea level over 12 days. This will be a challenge for most who have not been at that high altitude before or spent so many days trekking five to seven hours at a time.

To make it to Base Camp there are a few things that you need to do. These are the same as climbing the mountain to success in real estate and, if followed, increase your chances of getting to the top in 2019.

1. Preparation

So many real estate careers would be outstanding if only they had just prepared better. Preparation is also paramount in trekking to Base Camp. You have to train your body to be prepared for the rigours of trekking and the altitude or you won’t make it.

In real estate the two crucial areas you have to prepare are:

  • Your body, mind and emotions. These are the foundations to success. Get these right and you will create consistency.
  • Your organisation. Unorganised agents are rarely successful. You need to ensure you are highly structured or have people around you to help you be so. Being organised can double your dollar productivity.

What are the areas you really need to focus on to prepare at the highest level?

2. Purpose

You need purpose to drive you to accomplish things in your life. The agents going to Base Camp want to experience something they have never experienced before in their lives. They have a sense of purpose in life to achieve something very few people do and to make a difference along the way.

As an agent, if you are turning up for work just for the sake of it then every day will be a struggle. What do you really want to do with your career? Why are you doing it?

3. Support

Without the help of a support crew around you, it is hard to create high-level success. The big mistake agents make is thinking they can do it all themselves. There is no leverage at all in this.

For Base Camp support crew we’ve enlisted a professional trekking training company to get us physically fit and mentally prepared. We have the best logistic company that summits Everest climbers to take us. We have an advisor who has actually climbed Everest helping guide us. We have our own Facebook group so we can share stories, ask questions and get help when we need support, and to keep everybody accountable.

We are rallying around each other to ensure all bases are covered and everybody makes it. The best agents have a team around them, whether directly connected to them in the office or externally: mentors, coaches, friends, family and others who ensure they do what they need to do to create success.

Who are your support crew?

To get to the top in real estate it’s actually about what you do before the climb more than on the climb. Top agents don’t take shortcuts.

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