The Awesome Human Manifesto

One of the greatest things you can do to become the best agent you can be is to become the best human you can be, says Jet Xavier.

LET’S BE honest; the real estate industry can be a very egocentric and dominated space, filled with people only out for their own needs, when in fact it should be the other way around. For years there has been a bad taste in the mouth of the general public about the industry. Well, thanks to a few people, it is changing. Many agents are realising that authentic engagement and integrity based on high levels of professionalism are key.

Here is what I call the awesome human manifesto. It is a set of principles and rules for inspirational living and expression. Use this manifesto to live your life at the awesome level, not the average level.


  1. Be humble, stay grounded: no ego required
    Get over yourself. There will always be somebody better, smarter, more good-looking and more successful in some way than you. Leave your ego at the door. You are not defined by it; you are defined by your humility and the way you carry yourself in all areas. There is humility in assertiveness, but in ego arrogance. Become a person who is not driven by ego but uses it in a way to empower others. The ‘what’s in it for me?’ generations are gone. It’s about we, not me.
  2. Stay positive, be happy: it’s a choice so make it daily
    Positivity is an energy that is contagious. Spread it around! Nobody likes a grump and a negative person. If you want a culture to change, fill it with positive people. If you want productivity to increase, inject enthusiasm and positive energy into the mix. If you want your business and world to change then get positive and happy.
  3. Give back and contribute: you wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for others
    What have you done lately for others? Your partner, family, friends, community, world, universe? Look outward, not inward. Give back in whatever way you can, as much as you can. The law of reciprocity, the law of giving all, supports a more understanding and abundant world from which you will benefit.
  4. Be grateful and give thanks: stop striving and never arriving
    You can’t take it with you when you’re gone, so why keep striving for more when you already have enough? Take what you need, not what you want. Look around and see how incredible life is and the opportunities you have now. Be happy you’re alive.
  5. Don’t complain, take responsibility and stop making excuses: attitude is everything
    When you complain, you can’t be taken seriously because you have absolved yourself of a foundational human trait: self-responsibility. The world is the way it is in many ways because nobody wants to take responsibility. It is always somebody else’s fault, not ours. Who cares whose fault it is? Just stop complaining about it.
  6. Be a problem-solver and solutions master: create win-win, not win-lose
    Don’t give up, fault-find or ignore issues. Deal with them with a solution-focused mind. Get feedback, find help, get support. Work out a way to make it work.
  7. Create optimal vitality: always be energised and respect yourself
    When you don’t eat right or have a level of health and fitness that is suitable, then you are disrespecting yourself. You drag yourself around from one hour to the next, rather than be filled with vitality. There is no excuse for being unhealthy if you are able to achieve it.
  8. Work with purpose and resolve: build a life, not a job – follow your passion
    You get one life; why waste it doing something you’re not happy doing? Following your dream is not about achieving the holy grail of success. Following your passion and dream is about exactly that, following what you’re passionate about, regardless of the outcomes. Did the great artists paint to become famous? No; they painted because it was within them and they could not hold it in.
  9. Live life by design, not by default: be authentically engaged
    What did we live for before Hollywood? What did we live for before industrialisation? What did we live for before religion? We lived for the moment. Are we living a true existence, or a fake existence based on what we think we should be doing? Are you living to regret or to celebrate?
  10. Make a difference and leave a legacy
    What will they say about you in 200 years? Why are you living? What difference are you making? Whose life are you impacting? What examples are you setting? Are you leaving the world a better place?

Becoming an awesome agent is most definitely an inside job; work from the inside and you will see a positive change in your results.

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Jet Xavier

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