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Jet Xavier: Life in harmony

Creating the perfect life balance of living, playing and working can be hard work. If just one element is out of sync you can find yourself performing at less than your best. Jet Xavier examines the law of harmony and how it can lead to high performance.

How do we become a true high-performance human?

How do we become someone that partakes in every area of life at their best and not a compromised version of themselves?

To do this, we need to align ourselves and create harmony in all that we do.

Harmony is described as “a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity”.

It “refers to compatibility and accord in feelings, actions, relationships, opinions and interests”.

As the Roman historian and statesman, Sallust once said, “harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay”.

The universal law of harmony says that everything works best when all parts are moving in unison.  

Think about a musical instrument.

When it’s tuned and played correctly, it plays a beautiful melody.

When it’s out of tune and played incorrectly, it sounds horrendous.

If you examine nature and the universe, the way it dances together to produce miracles day after day is because it’s in harmony.

If gravity shifted, everything would unravel.

Even the society we live in, despite its major historical failings, exists in a natural law of harmony, as billions of people live together on one planet peacefully. Most of the time, anyway.


We are supposed to operate in harmony.

When we do, we produce at our best.

Think about it like this: If we apply the law of harmony to high performance, then a high-performance human is just like a high-performance race car, athlete, sports team or business. 

They are finely tuned and synchronised in all areas to function and perform at their very best at that moment. 

A Formula 1 race car has, on average, 80,000 components that all work together to produce excellence when it races.

If one piece is out, then the whole car is impacted, and it doesn’t perform at its best.

Every part has to work in harmony with others to generate the best result. 

There is a holistic approach to ensuring everything is working in synchronicity and sustainability for ultimate high performance.

For example, I worked with a multi-million-dollar principal who was great at creating business opportunities.

This was reflected in his bank balance, material wealth and status.

He was an F1 race car in business, but he had no people skills, emotional intelligence, and he had trouble listening to others.

As a result, his health deteriorated due to long days striving to keep ahead of the competition.

His relationship was strained, and he didn’t get time to spend with his kids or on himself.

He could shine in one area but was deficient in others.

He wasn’t a high-performance human, he was just a high-performance salesperson.

He was not in holistic harmony.

He was like driving a car with one flat tyre.

The car will move, but not at its best.

There needs to be four wheels working together to make the car move at its most effective and efficient.

It’s the same with us as humans; we need to have the most important aspects of ourselves and our lives aligned and working in harmony to reach our full potential.

A high-performer human doesn’t just master one area at the expense of the others.

They ensure a balance of excellence across all areas. 

The challenge is, as humans, we are taught to only excel in certain areas and forget that being a true high-performance human is about a holistic approach to excellence and success.

Being a high-performance human is about every area of our mind, body and soul being highly congruent, authentic and functioning at its best.

There is no point performing well in your career and having all the money in the world if you’re unhappy.

You don’t want to work so hard for success but be unhealthy or sacrifice everything to make it and never see your kids.

You shouldn’t give up having enough time for yourself just so you can climb the success ladder and feel like you are something or somebody.

Most people who reflect this type of life are exhausted, unfulfilled, unmotivated and are striving for meaning in their life but never arriving. 

They might be high-performing in one area, but the rest of their life is a mess and full of chaos. 

This is not a high-performance human.

A high-performance human is a person that has harmony across all aspects of their life and business, including their mindset, emotions, relationships, health, family, finance, time out and overall work-life integration. 

So the challenge for agents in 2021 is to understand that to be at your best, you need a holistic approach to performance that ensures harmony across every area of your life and business.

Make it your aim to create harmony within you in 2021.

  • Jet Xavier is one of Australia’s leading mindset coaches for real estate sales professionals. For more information visit jetxavier.com.

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Jet Xavier

Jet Xavier is one of Australia’s leading Mindset Coaches for real estate sales professionals. For more information visit jetxavier.com.