Lessons in Listing – with five top-performers

“The guy who's winning and has a conversion of 80% of the listing appointments is able to articulate four things. Why you, your brand, why now and why this.” Claudio Encina

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With demand for properties outstripping supply in many regions at the present, securing available listings is critical.

In this episode of the Elevate Podcast, we’ve tapped into the vault of knowledge we have on hand from some of the best practitioners in the real estate business to cover all angles of securing listings.

Featuring words of wisdom from Claudio Encina, Chari Emirzade, Jeremy Wilkinson, Tim Heavyside, and Josh Tesolin, this episode encompasses everything from phone prospecting to lead conversion and closing the deal.

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In this episode:

Coach and mentor Claudio Encina discusses:

  • The big mistakes agents are currently making
  • How to find the leak in your pipeline
  • Why conversion is crucial
  • The four questions every agent should be able to answer

High volume salesperson Chari Emirzade of Barry Plant Geelong discusses:

  • Why his focus is phone prospecting to secure listings
  • When he calls people and what he says
  • How he embraced the phone prospecting mindset
  • Why it’s all part of his bigger sales plan

2020 AREA winner Jeremy Wilkinson discusses:

  • How he taps his database to build long-term relationships that lead to listings
  • Why 30 calls a day sets him up for success
  • How he prepares for a listing presentation
  • Why it pays to look the part

Fletchers Real Estate auctioneer, agent and sales coach Tim Heavyside discusses:

  • How to set up in advance of a listing presentation
  • What he discusses with potential vendors during a listing presentation
  • Why body language plays a role
  • How he focuses his mind to bring the right energy

High performing agent Josh Tesolin of Ray White Quakers Hill discusses:

  • Why energy sells even in a listing presentation
  • How a point of difference assists
  • Why closing is critical
  • How to close the listing deal and have the vendor sign up then and there

Claudio Encina

Chari Emirzade

Jeremy Wilkinson

Tim Heavyside

Josh Tesolin

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