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Mastering the art of high-volume sales: Chari Emirzade

“I think anything is possible in life if you have the right tools and mindset and business plan.” Chari Emirzade

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Sales agent and auctioneer Chari Emirzade has been recognised as the top-listed seller for the Barry Plant Group for five years running.

Recently he also managed the impressive feat of selling 1000 homes in the space of just six years, and will be familiar to many for his words of advice at AREC 2019 when he urged attendees to just “pick up the phone”.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, Chari shares how he managed to achieve the goal of selling 1000 properties in less than six years, why his focus had to be high-volume sales, and the mindset he draws on to be a top-seller in his field.

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In this podcast, Samantha and Chari also discuss:

  • The art of phone prospecting that gets results
  • How to embrace the right real estate mindset
  • Lessons that led to a pristine database
  • Leading a team and delegating for success
  • Why discipline and a daily regimen are a must
  • The tools Chari has retained post 2020
  • The new goals ahead and how Chari will achieve them

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