Your own business, without the distractions

I’ve always felt privileged to work in an industry where there is almost no limit to the success that can be achieved.

It’s a sector where hard work pays off, ambition abounds and the rewards can be plentiful.

With that ambition often comes to the desire to be your own boss, to open the doors to your own business, and call your own shots.

It’s a noble ambition and one we understand well as part of a growing network with almost 300 sales agents across Australia.

But for agents starting their own business, there can be some unexpected challenges, and that’s where we can help…

So, you love to list and sell

When an agent considers starting their own business, it’s usually because they’ve had success listing and selling property.

They’re known in their area, have runs on the board and are looking to now put their stamp on their own business while enjoying independence.

But running a business is different to listing and selling. There are additional responsibilities like accounting, managing staff, advertising, and technology to consider.

If a rent roll is involved, there’s trust accounting and compliance.

Each of these is potentially a distraction from what the agent actually excels at. They can take away from what the agent does best and impact the success they’ve previously achieved.  

They want growth

Every ambitious agent wants to exceed their previous results year-in year-out, and most also aspire to do so while maintaining that critical work-life balance.

To build upon success, training and personal development is essential. Not just for the individual agent but for their team as well.

At the same time, real estate can sometimes feel a lonely place, which is why mentoring and surrounding yourself with likeminded people is a must.

We’re here to help

The Agents’Agency is built on a deep understanding of all the above. We know the pull of ambition, the desire for independence, and the dream of leaving your own mark.

We also understand the challenges that come with building a business, growing it and scaling it for success.

We’ve been there and we’ve now helped more than 200 agents successfully navigate that landscape by helping them create their own business, without the distractions.

Here’s how that’s done…

Do what you do best, we’ll take care of the rest

I often describe the Agents’Agency platform as being akin to a car that our members drive.

They get to choose the colour, the make, the model and even personalise the numberplate.

Behind the scenes, the Agents’Agency administration team acts as the pit crew. We help maintain the vehicle and ensure agents enjoy peak performance.

We take care of all the distractions and those important but time-consuming tasks along with backend administration.

This frees the agency principal to do what they love and do best: list, sell and (if they aspire to) grow a sales team and property management division.

Along the way, we also offer that all-important mentoring, training, guidance and a network of supportive peers.

We are here to foster your success, with an experienced team of passionate people backing you every step of the way.

Our growth indicates it works

Since we launched our platform in 2015, the Agents’Agency has enjoyed incredible growth. More importantly we’ve helped more than 200 agents in their journey into business.

We know that when agents take the step of business ownership and are guided and supported by a proven system, they get to leverage and amplify their success.

In other words, they achieve the best of both worlds: independence and freedom to be in their own business, but not by themselves.

It’s your own business, without the distractions and with the benefit of unparalleled support.

If your ambition involves building your own business, but with the benefit of experience, support and without additional distractions, why not reach out and have a casual chat, or learn more about what we offer here.

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Manos Findikakis

Manos Findikakis is the CEO of Agents'Agency, Australia's first multi-brand real estate network.

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