Manos Findikakis: there’s no luck in a successful sales career

Why is it that some agents achieve success year after year? – no matter the market and regardless of interest rate rises, consumer sentiment, or prevailing economic conditions.

Somehow, regardless of what’s going on around them, they create a career defined by sustained success, where each year builds on the momentum of the year prior.

It can’t be luck because they rinse and repeat those successful results year after year. It’s not down to good fortune or a magic secret, because those same agents will tell you they navigate the highs and lows of the real estate rollercoaster just like everyone else.

They too have deals that fall over and sales that appeared in the bag, only for a buyer to pull out at the last minute.

They shoulder their fair share of rejection where a friendly phone call is met with disinterest or a polite indication it’s not a great time to talk.

But still, they get back up and keep building their business, managing both their mindset and the variables to ensure sustained success.

And in that sentence alone are two major clues to how you can set yourself and bulletproof your business.

Managing the mindset

Sometimes it’s easy to feel bruised by the rollercoaster that is real estate and succumb to the belief making sales is more luck than strategy.

But if we let our mindset slip, that’s exactly what real estate becomes – a game of chance.

Instead, every agent needs to appreciate that while this is a career that can and does have ups and downs, these can be managed with the right habits and foundations.

Handling the variables

Yes, there are variables in real estate, as there are in most careers. Deals will fall through, people will change their minds about selling or purchasing, and markets will shift.

You can’t fight the variables, but like your mindset, you can manage them, and here’s how that’s done…

Build your pipeline

Managing your real estate mindset and the industry variables is all about focusing on your pipeline.

The lifeblood of any real estate sales career, your pipeline levels the highs and lows of selling periods. It becomes a predictable tool to use for generating sales.

Not only does your pipeline bulletproof your business, but it also helps you master your mindset and creates resilience against market highs, lows, and setbacks.

So how do you build and maintain it?

Your pipeline starts with a connection

I often talk about the habits of successful agents – the strong foundations that ensure ongoing success year after year.

They include building your brand, great customer service, and a commitment to ongoing education.

Each of these is essential to building your pipeline, but it’s also important to appreciate a pipeline starts with a single connection.

Today, for example, it could be a neighbour attending one of your opens, or a buyer who needs to sell before purchasing.

It could be someone in your database, who you provide with a market update.

Today offers the opportunity to make a pipeline connection, to meet someone for the first time or reconnect with someone who might be a possible future client.

Having an extensive list of pipeline sellers is your guarantee of future predictable sales. It’s how you reverse engineer success and bulletproof your sales business.

When you create and nurture that pipeline, it doesn’t matter what the market’s doing or whether a deal falls through.

Your pipeline becomes the essential foundation that you can rely on for a successful, long-term real estate career.

For all inquiries and more information on how the Agents’Agency can help you take your career to the next level, please visit https://www.agentsagency.com.au/ or email hello@agentsagency.com.au

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Manos Findikakis

Manos Findikakis is the CEO of Agents'Agency, Australia's first multi-brand real estate network.

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