Manos Findikakis: success starts with one non-negotiable habit

Time and again in real estate, we hear about the importance of creating good habits.

And most agents know these habits are the foundations for the activity that creates results.

But often resolving to embrace good habits is easier than implementing them, and occasionally it can be challenging to know where to start with the right habits that breed success.

So how do you get into the rhythm of creating good habits and then ensure you follow through on your personal promises?

A seminal guide to habit creation

If there’s one standout resource for creating good habits, it has to be James Clear’s well-known book Atomic Habits.

If you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, I would strongly recommend you do.

In it, Clear discusses the importance of picking just one thing that will amplify every other habit you hope to embrace.

It’s a powerful way of breaking down what can sometimes seem an overwhelming list of things you believe you should do, but it begs the question, what’s that one thing?

What alters the course of your day?

Whether it’s exercise, a quick inspiring podcast or diving straight into your prospecting call list, consider the one thing that has the power to really change the course of your day and set you up for success.

For me, it’s as simple as getting up early. This relatively easy habit to embrace offers the greatest return compared to anything else I do.

Setting my alarm that touch earlier allows me to get straight into my gym routine, followed by my GAMEDAY program.

For those of you unfamiliar, GAMEDAY is our in-house routine of practising gratitude, embracing goals, attaining knowledge, and taking time to exercise and meditate.

Often, I may not get through everything on the GAMEDAY list, but that one habit of ‘getting up early’ sets the tone for the rest of the day.

And it has a far-reaching impact. It allows me to plan for the day ahead, establish the right mindset and clears the space for me to start the day on the right foot.

If I don’t embrace this simple habit, I feel I’m forever chasing and trying to catch up, adding unnecessary stress to my workday.

It’s what works for you

While getting up early might be my easy to implement single habit, for other people that non-negotiable habit could look very different.

It doesn’t matter what the habit is, but it is the cornerstone that helps you build other great habits that set the solid foundation of success.

Perhaps it’s:
• Starting your day the night before, with a to-do list
• Reacquainting yourself with goals
• Taking time to be in the moment and present with family and friends
• Switching your phone off for a set period to recharge
• Setting time aside for business planning
• Creating your ideal week
• Listening to an inspiring podcast
• Mastering your prospecting call list and simply getting it done
• Filling your drink bottle to ensure you have the right daily water intake
• Logging your food intake to keep your health on track.

And it just needs to be simple. It is the one single thing that is easy to apply and is your ‘non-negotiable’ personal habit.

Why it works

The non-negotiable habit works because sometimes we need to ‘trick’ ourselves into doing things we don’t normally ‘want’ to do.

This habit then becomes the catalyst that leads and inspires us to take on the list of other good habits we then aim to embrace.

Together, this creates a cumulative effect where each habit helps create a cascade of other useful daily routines that keep you on track.

And to start, you just have to commit to finding that one simple first ‘non-negotiable’ habit.

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Manos Findikakis

Manos Findikakis is the CEO of Agents'Agency, Australia's first multi-brand real estate network.

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