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  • Photo of How to overcome wage woes in the modern agency

    How to overcome wage woes in the modern agency

    What is stopping your agency from achieving growth, and not just surviving but thriving in the current market? Most people would say it’s cash. Whether it’s growing your people through training and development, growing your market though lead generation and business development, or growing up operationally by investing in new technology, it all takes time…

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  • Photo of Losing It: Perspective and the Property Manager

    Losing It: Perspective and the Property Manager

    Times of stress and demand, such as the start of each new year and the close of each financial year, can take their toll, both psychologically and physically, on even the most experienced of property managers. Choosing to power on without time for recuperation can quickly lead to serious illness and depression – all of…

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  • Photo of Why Am I Here?

    Why Am I Here?

    AFTER 17 YEARS IN REAL ESTATE, business coach Jacob Aldridge has sat through more than 6,800 meetings. You’ve probably been to a few yourself. If you’ve ever found yourself asking ‘Why am I here?’ you need to check out these five steps to making meetings more productive and valuable to all participants. HAVE YOU EVER…

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  • Photo of You Thought You Were a Property Manager, Didn’t You?

    You Thought You Were a Property Manager, Didn’t You?

    THREE YEARS AGO, you were employed by your agency to run a portfolio of 150 properties and had the title ‘Property Manager’ on your business card.  As times have changed, many agencies have resorted to outsourcing their administration tasks. Lauren Kropp examines the effect has this had on the traditional PM role. A few years…

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  • Photo of The Undercover Temp: Lauren Kropp

    The Undercover Temp: Lauren Kropp

    What is it really like to be a temp in a property management department? Easy, you might think; you just come in, do your job, leave at the end of the contract and get paid well. But if you do think that, you are greatly mistaken, as Lauren Kropp, Director of Real Strategix, found out…

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  • Photo of Top Three Ways to Recruit on Social Media

    Top Three Ways to Recruit on Social Media

    Social media has become an integral part of Real Estate marketing strategies. Most activities, including recruiting agents, gathering customer interest and promoting agents, run through social channels in some way. Here are three top ways to use social media as an effective Real Estate recruiting tool: Use Video to Sell Video has become the most…

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  • Photo of Five Tips for Managing Virtual Teams

    Five Tips for Managing Virtual Teams

    Virtual teams are an increasingly common part of the Australian real estate industry, thanks to the reduced overhead and limitless location flexibility they allow. Whether you're going all-virtual or integrating one remote worker, the lack of in-person communication can be a challenge. With the right strategies, you can build a strong, productive team. 1. Integrate…

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  • Photo of Searching for Wally

    Searching for Wally

    Finding the right member of staff can be a matter of sifting through a great many potential candidates before you strike gold. For our new people-focused column, Fiona Blayney asks: is your people strategy really sustainable, or is it time to think outside the box? AS I TUCK MY daughters into bed, we go through…

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  • Photo of Choice And Challenges: Where Will You Go Next?

    Choice And Challenges: Where Will You Go Next?

    PROPERTY MANAGEMENT is a career that is rich with options. Where will you go next? Virginia Brookes outlines the possibilities for the years ahead. LEASING OR PROPERTY OFFICER You’ve landed your first role in property management and you’re learning the ropes. This is your first real chance to see where your strengths lie and what…

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  • Photo of Paying A Revenue Split – Holy Grail Or Poisoned Chalice?

    Paying A Revenue Split – Holy Grail Or Poisoned Chalice?

    PAYING A PROPERTY MANAGER a percentage of income generated by the properties they manage seems to have some obvious benefits and is discussed often. But is it all plain sailing? Brock Fisher looks at the pros and cons. FROM THE BUSINESS perspective, paying a revenue split allows the wage-to-gross-income ratio of the business to be…

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  • Photo of Who’s Behind That Door?

    Who’s Behind That Door?

    PERSONAL SECURITY IS A MAJOR CONCERN to real estate agents as the job involves a high degree of working alone or in remote areas. Bob Barrington from Lone Worker Safety looks at a range of technologies designed to help keep your staff safe. IT IS PART AND parcel of the industry that agents frequently work…

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  • Photo of Right From the Start

    Right From the Start

    Natalie Hastings looks at ways to improve your team’s performance in 2015 through better recruitment and training. A FRESH NEW year lies before you, offering the chance to make 2015 your best real estate adventure yet. Before the year begins in earnest, take time to think about your business and the people who power it.…

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  • Photo of A Good Property Management Temp is Hard to Find

    A Good Property Management Temp is Hard to Find

    Currently, the average life span of a Property Manager is nine months, causing a constant headache for a principal with an average rent roll of approximately 500 properties employing 3 portfolio Property Managers. Three Property Managers, all of whom have four weeks annual leave per year meaning that as the business owner, you need to cover 12…

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  • Photo of Backing a winner!

    Backing a winner!

    There’s a common saying in sport that ‘winning is a habit’, and it’s a saying which should become a mantra for you when hiring new staff for your business. If you can find staff that have accomplished something amazing in their lives, even if it’s outside the professional realms of your industry, you’ll create a…

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