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Top Three Ways to Recruit on Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of Real Estate marketing strategies. Most activities, including recruiting agents, gathering customer interest and promoting agents, run through social channels in some way. Here are three top ways to use social media as an effective Real Estate recruiting tool:

Use Video to Sell

Video has become the most powerful social tool the Real Estate market has to recruit potential real estate agents. It is 135 percent more likely to generate engagement than image-only social posting, and it is the perfect way to show potential leads the personality of your company before they ever apply. This will help encourage only the most serious agents to apply for open positions. Some social media rules to remember with video are:

  • Keep videos to around 15 seconds
  • Make the content energetic and upbeat
  • Show the personality of your company

Integrate Facebook Lead Forms

Facebook features amazing tools to help generate prospective leads, including the newest lead generation forms. What makes these great is that you set them up like a regular paid campaign, but your call to action clicks to a Facebook information form that collects information from anyone interested in working as a Real Estate agent for your company. The forms are all stored in the Facebook Ad Manager, so there is no email storing or chance of losing the collected data. The benefit of this type of recruiting is that even if the applicant doesn’t finish the process by applying online, you have his information and can follow up a few days later. These forms can also be used for event promotions, open houses and collecting other types of sales leads.

Targeted Social Campaigns

To generate inquiries for specialty real estate positions that are available, Facebook targeted campaigns are ideal. These allow you to narrow down your ad audience by gender, age, location, income level and personal interests, ensuring you reach candidates who are qualified. Targeted campaigns also let you pull in outside CRM data to target a broader range of potential applicants.

Social media marketing often wields instantaneous results, and you can easily alter your strategy as you observe how a campaign performs. For example, perhaps you’ll find that the audience you are trying to reach responds to video but not lead forms, or maybe you’ll discover that a combination of video and targeting is the way to go. Whatever methods you use, always remember to monitor any campaign you begin and optimise, optimise, optimise.


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