Virginia Brookes

Virginia Brookes is the Director of Resolver Recruitment and Temp Talent; Resolver Recruitment is a specialist Agency securing permanent staff for the Real Estate and Property industries, visit Temp Talent is a specialist Temporary Agency securing part time, casual and contract staff for the Real Estate and Property industries. Visit
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    property management career path

    Choice And Challenges: Where Will You Go Next?

    PROPERTY MANAGEMENT is a career that is rich with options. Where will you go next? Virginia Brookes outlines the possibilities for the years ahead. LEASING OR PROPERTY OFFICER You’ve landed your first role in property management and you’re learning the ropes. This is your first real chance to see where your strengths lie and what…

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  • Elite Agent

    Career Stepping Stones

    SO YOU’VE BEEN IN SALES for a while and you want to step up. What are your longer term career goals? Virginia Brookes discusses the next steps. NOW’S THE TIME, at the beginning, to become clear on your goals and what you want to achieve from your career. Commit to those goals and map out…

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  • Business Leadership

    Five Ways to Keep Morale High While Growing the Team

    IN LAST YEAR'S Elite Agent Reader Survey, many of you noted there were plans to grow the team in 2016. We all know this can be a challenge if you aren’t completely prepared. Experienced recruiter Virginia Brookes looks at how to grow while keeping team morale high. Some of the most common phrases we hear…

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