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Career Stepping Stones

SO YOU’VE BEEN IN SALES for a while and you want to step up. What are your longer term career goals? Virginia Brookes discusses the next steps.

NOW’S THE TIME, at the beginning, to become clear on your goals and what you want to achieve from your career. Commit to those goals and map out the path you need to go and the time frame you have to achieve them.

You’ve been working under the guidance of a senior for a good amount of time now; you’ve run a few campaigns, have some good traction behind you and you feel it’s time to go on your own. This is the first time you need to be fully prepared to back yourself as you will be heading into a debit/credit or commission-only arrangement; it’s now all up to you to make it happen!

Keep building your database, put in the extra hours needed to prospect, arrange for after-hours appraisals, be continuously working on yourself and your skill set, and through hard work, perseverance and by still following the direction of your principal, sales manager or coach you should get the results you want.

Now that you have had some great success on your own and you have established yourself as an excellent lister and seller, do you need some help to take your business to the next level? Perhaps it’s time to look at putting on an assistant to take away some of the non-dollar productive parts of your role. This will allow you to do what you do best – prospect, list, service and sell!

When putting on your assistant take the time to prepare a full job description of what the job entails, including a list of duties and expectations. Hire someone with the right skill set and attitude (not just the cheapest option). Be prepared to delegate the tasks across and don’t micromanage – you will end up doing your job and theirs!

You and your assistant now have an excellent track record and you have great market share. Perhaps it is now time to form an EBU – a minimum of three people, each with set tasks, responsibilities and goals.

Your assistant may want to step into a buyer manager role, or perhaps you will recruit a buyer manager and have your assistant become your vendor manager. However you structure your team, make sure you have the best person for the job. Once you are purely listing and servicing your vendors and you have two other people in your team to cover the rest, you should be performing at your near peak.

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