Lauren Kropp

Lauren Kropp is a director and consultant at Real Strategix, who offer a wide variety of property management consulting services. For more information visit
  • THREE YEARS AGO, you were employed by your agency to run a portfolio of 150 properties and had the title ‘Property Manager’ on your business card.  As times have changed, many agencies have resorted to outsourcing their administration tasks. Lauren Kropp examines the effect has this had on the traditional PM role. A few years ago, every lettings agency employed…

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  • What is it really like to be a temp in a property management department? Easy, you might think; you just come in, do your job, leave at the end of the contract and get paid well. But if you do think that, you are greatly mistaken, as Lauren Kropp, Director of Real Strategix, found out for herself. We’ve all seen…

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  • AS A PROPERTY MANAGER, you’re almost always likely to face questions or objections from the owner of the property. Whether it’s for routine maintenance, emergency repairs, lease renewals or property vacancies, you need to know what you’re talking about so you can be sure you’re giving the property’s owner the right advice. Story by Lauren Kropp. OVER THE LAST decade…

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