Top 5 real estate podcasts of 2019

This year Samantha McLean sat down with a stellar line up of guests on Elevate – from industry influencers to agency leaders – and discussed topics that trended in Australia and New Zealand. So here they are: our top 5 most listened to podcasts in 2019.

5. Stay the course: Owen Wilson

In March, Samantha sat down with newly appointed CEO of REA Group Owen Wilson and discussed his immediate goals for the company, where he sees the opportunities in the industry and his plan to lead the group into the future with optimism and authenticity.

Mr Wilson said: “I’m an absolute optimist and the one message I would love to leave for everybody is… stay the course, we are in this together. My view is that we have a symbiotic relationship with our customers, both REA and agents and together I think we’re going to succeed long past this cycle has become history.”
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4. What it takes to win in 2019: John McGrath

In April, McGrath Real Estate Agents Founder John McGrath spoke with Samantha about this year’s AREC conference, winning in the current market, the future, and what’s changed since he wrote the classic You Inc. back in 2003.

Mr McGrath explained: “I look at ‘connecting’ as about meeting other people and being in the same room as greatness… I think there is an opportunity in that physical and energetic space to change your life.”
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3. Things are looking up for the Australian Real Estate Market: Matt Lahood

Samantha sat down with CEO of The Agency Matt Lahood back in July, and they discussed how technology is advancing the Australian real estate market, the rates in Australia, and also Matt’s thoughts about the current market rise.

Mr Lahood said: “We’re in the best real estate market right now, as in July 2019 that we’re going to see for a long time. The market’s coming back, we’ve got a stable government. (We can get back to) helping people secure the home of their dreams, helping tenants secure the next property to live in, helping landlords get their mortgages paid. I think we forget that it’s the biggest decision people make in their life and we get to hold the keys to that front door.”
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2. What Gavin Rubinstein did next: Gavin Rubinstein

In August, Director of Ray White The Rubinstein Group’s Gavin Rubinstein sat down with Samantha to discuss why he chose to stay in the Ray White family, his new goals, the challenges of being a new business owner, his plans to grow his team, and what’s in store for the future.

Mr Rubinstein explained: “When the chips are down or I go through bad periods or go through periods of adversity, I don’t sit there feeling sorry for myself. I take the opposite approach of getting excited because one door closes, another one opens – and I always want to come out of that door a better agent, a better person, a better practitioner.”
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1. Sell (and market) like crazy: Sabri Suby

That brings us to the number one trending podcast for 2019 – Australian entrepreneur and founder of digital marketing agency King Kong Sabri Suby. Samantha sat down with Sabri in June and discussed topics including Facebook and Google advertising, getting personal in your email marketing, and how to get consumers to raise their hand to say “Yes, I am in the market”.

Mr Suby revealed: “Email is the biggest driver for me in my business. So it drives more revenue for my business than all of my other advertising channels combined.”
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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.