What Gavin Rubinstein did next – Episode 99

Gavin Rubinstein, Director of Ray White The Rubinstein Group has proven himself to be among the best real estate agents in Australia. Recently, his long-time association with Ray White Double Bay came to an end and in this interview, he speaks out about how hard work and teamwork have enabled him to step up to a new challenge, taking on a new role as leader of his own business. 

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In this frank and open interview Gavin explains why he chose to stay with Ray White. He also describes his new goals, his thoughts about the challenges of being a new business owner, why he’s super excited for the future, how he plans to grow his team, and about the new reality show he’s involved in.

When the chips are down or I go through bad periods or go through periods of adversity, I don’t sit there feeling sorry for myself. I take the opposite approach of getting excited because one door closes, another one opens – and I always want to come out of that door a better agent, a better person, a better practitioner.

Gavin Rubinstein

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Gavin’s next move as a business owner in his own right
  • Why adversity can be your best motivator
  • Why Gavin chose to stick with the Ray White brand
  • The different mindset and approach Gavin feels will be required in his new leadership role
  • Why Gavin pays attention to those who are willing to back themselves and work hard
  • Why detail matters most in tougher climates
  • What Gavin does to put himself in a place of great energy – no matter what the circumstances
  • Gavin’s next set of goals: personal, business, and a reality TV show

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