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Sell (and market) like crazy: Sabri Suby

Sabri Suby is a serial entrepreneur who runs one of Australia’s fastest growing end-to-end digital marketing agencies King Kong.

Having originally founded the company in 2014 from his bedroom, in under five years he has successfully built a blue chip clientele, many of them in the real estate industry.

Having just released a book “Sell like Crazy,” Sabri joins us on the podcast to talk all things digital marketing in real estate – with some great tips – for staying in touch with customers in a slower market.

Today, you’ll discover Sabri’s go to tactics for digital marketing including some tips to take your engagement and open rate through the roof.

“Email is the biggest driver for me in my business. So it drives more revenue for my business than all of my other advertising channels combined” – Sabri Suby

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Sabri went from his bedroom to creating a 14 million dollar business
  • Why ‘selfish marketing’ is out
  • Why you should be doubling down on email marketing
  • Getting personal in your email marketing
  • How to get consumers to raise their hand to say “Yes, I am in the market”
  • The four per cent of your activities that result in 64 per cent of the output
  • Audit your time, increase your revenue
  • When to use Facebook and when to use Google advertising
  • Giving consumers what they want when they want it

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