Episode 83 Owen Wilson: ‘Stay the Course’

“I’m an absolute optimist and the one message I would love to leave for everybody is … stay the course, we are in this together. My view is that we have a symbiotic relationship with our customers both REA and agents and together I think we’re going to succeed long past this cycle has become history.”

In this week’s special edition of The Leadership Diaries, Samantha McLean sat down exclusively with REA Group’s CEO, Owen Wilson.

With the industry at a cross-roads of market forces and disruption from other players, Owen shares his immediate goals for REA Group, where he sees the opportunities for growth in the industry and what the future might look like. He also shares some of his best advice for leaders and aspiring leaders.

In this podcast we cover:

  • Owen’s journey to the CEO position
  • challenges and opportunities for the industry
  • the value of the customer experience and the role of technology
  • lessons on leadership
  • the future of the real estate industry

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guest: Owen Wilson


01:47  Getting to know Owen, the new CEO of REA Group
03:40  Owen’s proudest achievements at REA so far
04:36  Owen’s goals for the year
06:14  Challenges and opportunities facing the industry now and in the future
07:54  Where Owen sees REA’s role in the industry moving forward
09:29  The new benefits of hyperlocal in today’s market

10:07  Owen’s first job, selling lemons and mowing lawns
11:21  Owen’s hour of power
12:08  Tips on time management and productivity
13:54  The power of the consumer experience
14:46  People who have inspired Owen
15:57  Why Feedback is a gift
16:35  Staying up to speed in an evolving industry
18:01  Owen’s personal leadership style and his advice to first time leaders
19:14  What leadership at home looks like
19:39  The future of real estate
21:05  The one thing he’d like you to remember.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.