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Matching the Round Peg to the Round Holes

Understanding how individuals work best through developing their innate skills and talents is essential to effective business growth and development. Part of this process is a self-assessment, analysis and implementation program.

During the Transform PM journey, the four teams were assessed and provided their performance assessment profiles by Julie Davis and Neil Williams from Agent Dynamics, who specialise in helping property managers, sales agents and principals create business development pathways for their teams.

Trent Shorland from Harcourts Adelaide Hills said of the outcomes, “The benefit for me was not just understanding them [the team], but them understanding me as well.”

Across all the Transform PM participants, there was a trigger of trust and empowerment after taking the time to understand their team members and place them in the right roles for their preferred work style and personalities.

“Something I’ve learned now is that there are two different roles: one’s the property manager, and another one’s the person who brings in new business. Now I can [clearly] see the differences between the two people with me on this Transform PM journey,” says Philip Bell, Director of Zelle.

Kelley Seaton, Director of PMHQ, believes that this proactive approach could help to resolve the widespread retention problem in property management.

She says, “In PM, there’s such a high turnover of team members. There are some simple processes that you can put in the beginning in your recruitment process so that you have the right person in the right role. That means less turnover with your team and keeping a profit in your business.”

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