My Morris better serves the community through new brand creation

Through an extensive process, the team at My Morris underwent a transformation to launch their business under their own banner, thanks to some help from Identity Marketing.

While there are a number of benefits to working within the larger franchise model in the real estate industry, the team at My Morris decided it was time to go out on their own to help establish a brand rooted in their local community of Tuggeranong.

In an effort to realign with their clients and the customer experience, it was important for them to create a fresh and innovative brand with an intentional mission statement, so My Morris was created.

Director of Sales Zac Morris said putting the client front and centre was the most crucial element to get right with the new business.

“In every interaction at My Morris, we endeavour to empower our clients with the confidence to navigate the ever-changing real estate landscape,” Mr Morris said.

“No matter what stage in their journey, the My Morris team will be by our clients’ side to guide and advise with a professional, genuine and thoughtful approach.”

A major part of forming the new brand was the ability to hone in on a new vision for the business.

For My Morris, this means furthering their offerings to become more associated with end-to-end service, polished marketing, and seamless customer experience.

“Our new brand is better positioned to communicate both the value of our service and client’s properties, meaning our improved systems, marketing and communication will benefit our sellers, buyers, tenants and landlords,” Mr Morris said.

“My Morris represents more than just a cosmetic change – it is the culmination of a long-held desire to elevate the business to better serve and represent our clients.

“Along with a fresh look and improved digital and physical marketing, My Morris is offering a new level of communication, consistency, and structure – ensuring every client finds success and satisfaction in their real estate journey.”

Identity Marketing has been the driving force behind bringing My Morris’s concept to life, with the team working collaboratively on every aspect of the new brand from creating the identity to the brand launch campaign.

“They presented us with options at the beginning, and worked closely with us to hone in on what exactly we wanted,” Mr Morris said.

“They’ve been excellent communicators and facilitated a lot of the adjustments and iterations we made throughout the process, and we’re excited to continue using their services into the future.”

The feedback around the new look and feel for the business has been incredibly positive from the Tuggeranong – and by extension, Canberra – community.

Mr Morris said locals had commented on the brand feeling genuine, professional, and sophisticated.

“We were already known locally and highly regarded in our area, and our large client base has been very supportive and excited for us and our new direction,” he said.

“We have enjoyed a lot of positive feedback regarding the aesthetic and our digital and physical marketing, namely our brochures and signboards.”

When asked about what the first year under the new name will look like, Mr Morris said if trends continued it would be busy, to say the least.

“We’re selling and leasing a lot of homes, it already feels very rewarding to do so under our own banner – our new systems, structure and growth of the team mean that we’re set up to take in and service more clients than before,” he said.

If you’re in the market to create or reposition your brand to connect with your community, get in touch with the team at Identity Marketing today.

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