Luton redevelop website to place customers at the forefront

Luton Properties has retooled and realigned its website from the ground up, putting an emphasis on the customers’ experience.

Together with Identity Marketing, Luton Properties Chief Executive Officer Nick Paine and the team redeveloped the website with customers’ journey in mind.

“For us, our website shouldn’t be a listing portal – most people make up their mind before emailing or picking up the phone, so we needed to understand what journey the customer was going on and how we could help facilitate them to get where they needed to go,” Mr Paine said.

“Together with Identity Marketing, we identified that the new website needed to be simple, user-friendly and – most importantly – offer substantial value to the customer.”

The end result is a website that is simple, clean and effective, with a whole range of new features that have been integrated into the site such as suburb profiles and an off-market section.

Luton has been working with Identity Marketing since 2021, and Mr Paine said enlisting their help for the design and build of the new site was essential to its success.

“We have an ongoing relationship with Identity Marketing and we’ve been able to achieve a new level with the look and feel of our brand with them – so it made a lot of sense to expand this to our website,” he said.

“Their ideas, as well as how easily and quickly they were able to make things happen, is always really impressive.

“They’ve been a big part of our business and we’re very lucky to have been able to work with Steve, Jess and the rest of the team as much as we have.”

As well as a sleek new website layout, a major part of the design for the new site has been placing a focus on visual elements, including high-quality video footage.

“I feel like more and more visuals are what people are after,” Mr Paine said.

“Social media has gone down this path, so we knew great photography and videography would be able to tell the right story, convey the right message and feel more effectively than anything else.”

Now the website is complete, Mr Paine said looking ahead to the next year Luton would like to shift from improving the business externally to further developing the internal aspects and benefits for staff.

“A major facet of our business has always been the wellbeing and continued learning of our staff,” he said.

“Over the next year we’d love to work on more of the business to make Luton an even more amazing place to work with our staff offering.”

If you’re looking to retool, realign or redevelop your business’s website, get in touch with Identity Marketing and start the change today.

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