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Industry Supplier Update: Spinify at AREC 2018

CEO and Founder of Spinify, Matt Bullock, spoke to us at AREC 2018 about how their leaderboard platform works with real estate CRMs, why personalised gamification creates better staff performance and their takeaways from the conference.


Spinify is a leaderboard platform and what we do is we take data from CRMs, like MyDesktop, Agentbox, Rex, and then we turn it into a beautiful screen that we then put on a TV. We do that to engage staff by visibility and then seeing that data and then being able to compete.

It’s very exciting. It’s really great to get staff and their feedback of how they’re doing it. We do things with what we call ‘achievements’. So they might sell a property for a million dollars, their face goes on the TV and it plays their favorite song. So, it really does change the culture within an office.

Gamification, we’ve done a lot of research. We’ve worked with a guy named Yu-kai Chou, who is an expert, to come up with a thing called the ‘Octalysis Framework’. There’s a lot of psychology about trying to get people to do stuff. So there’s ‘White Hat’ and ‘Black Hat’. We use mainly ‘White Hat’ techniques. What it’s all about is really trying to get you to compete. Trying to get you just to beat that person.

We’re not really caring about the person at the top and we’re not really caring about the person at the bottom. What we’re caring about is the middle and if you can make the middle move, you can change your business and you can do that by one person at a time.

So if I’m in fifth, I know I just got to beat this person by a little bit to get fourth. That’s how you do it. Along with making things very visible, very personal and all about them trying to beat that other person.

The personalisation is over the top. So, you can change the colours. You can change the logo. You can put video backgrounds on it. You can use your own video backgrounds. It really is your TV channel that you’re putting in your office to motivate people.

We love AREC. We were here last year. This is our second year. It’s great to see customers come up and give us a hug. It’s just been absolutely fantastic meeting all the different partners that we work with and we’ll be here, absolutely. Forever.

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