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Industry Supplier Update: Agentbox at AREC 2018

Real Estate Technology Specialist at Agentbox, David Bliss, spoke to us at AREC 2018 about their integrations with sales, leasing and property management, how to optimise the way you manage your CRM, and their takeaways from the conference.


Agentbox is Australia’s leading CRM. We actually work with more of the top agents in Australia than anyone else, which is actually over 30 per cent, and 20 per cent of the top offices. We’ve been able to build an end-to-end solution for sales and leasing.

We’ve also been very excited to announce that we’re the first platform that’s going to integrate with property management solutions. Not only to have Australia’s leading CRM, but to join forces with Reapit. So, we have a combined sales, leasing and property management platform, all within one solution.

We’re going to be excited to be able to offer that to our customers very, very soon. As opposed to having to put data in your sales CRM, and re-enter that data into your PM software, it’s all going to merge together. But we are also, as I said, joined forces. It’s more than just an integration. So there’s going to be lots of exciting opportunities that arise from that as well.

We have a massive focus on data integrity. Making sure that you’ve got no duplicates in the system. That information you have – really clean marketing, clean reporting – makes the system really easy to use. That actually leads into some really cool integrations that we’ve got with CoreLogic RP Data and Xero. We do definitely try and provide the most streamlined efficient service for every particular office within Australia.

I often say that, no matter how good a database is, it’s always going to come down to the end user. They put dirty data in, you’re going to get dirty data out. With CRM, our responsibility at Agentbox is to make sure that we give you the tools to put the data in quickly, cleanly and ideally once.

If we can get the agents to do that, all the benefits flow on from there. Take the time at the open for inspections with the enquiries. Get the first name, get the last name, get the email address, get the phone number. Categorise and build requirements. What you’ll find is, over the coming days, weeks, months, is not just yourself, your admin, your directors have to deal with that data and then all the follow-on benefits come from just getting that data right at the very start.

AREC 2018 has been our best AREC yet. We’ve got a big beautiful stand this year. We’ve been able to bring up a lot more staff and reconnect, not just with new potential business, but also chat to a lot of our existing clients.

It was great to see we’ve actually got a lot of our very high-profile leading agents actually speaking at AREC this year. Alexander Phillips was speaking yesterday, talking about efficiencies and his team. It was great to be able to be a part of that understand that we’ve been able to help him. Same with Brendan Pomponio and Phil Harris. It’s great to see that we’ve been able to help them achieve their success and now they can share that with everyone else.

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