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Industry Supplier Update: @realty at AREC 2018

Director of @realty, JJ Taylor, spoke to us at AREC 2018 about the advantages of using their agent platform, their upcoming features and AU/NZ expansion, and their takeaways at AREC 2018.


@realty is a modern real estate agency. We are basically a platform that allows agents to run their own business under the @realty brand. So, typically, agents can hit a glass ceiling in an office that they’re currently working in. Their only option was generally to go and start their own office. But of course, with that comes the risk, the cost, everything else that’s associated with that. We’ve eliminated that.

We give them the ability to decide how they want to operate their business. We provide all the subscriptions, everything that they need, everything that’s necessary for them to go out there in the field and be their own boss. But they have the support that we provide from the head office, and of course they get the benefits that come under the unified brand of @realty.

Through our custom CRM that we’ve built, we provide the agents the ability to advertise on all of the major websites. They basically use it as their back office. All the compliance is taken care of through that system that we built. They have integrations to the other necessary services like Pricefinder. That gives them the ability to be mobile and work wherever they want.

I think these days, consumers and clients aren’t necessarily walking into an office and saying, “Hey, I want to list my property,” or “Hey, I want to buy a property.” So they can take advantage of these dynamic changes that are happening out there in the marketplace, and really streamline their backend through us.

So you don’t have to have the high overhead that would be associated with having a shop front and having a whole bunch of staff. We are the staff. We are the support.

The next couple of years, we have a lot of plans with geographical expansion. This year, we are planning to expand to the rest of the states and territories. We are currently in five states. So we will be truly all over Australia by the end of the year. We also have plans to move over to New Zealand and expand throughout New Zealand.

We just started a property management structure as well. So that structure allows agents to build their own rent roll. They own it. It’s an asset that they can control, they can sell, they can do whatever they want with it. And the nice thing is, that allows agents to then be able to control their pipeline, maintain the relationships that they have with their clients. But of course, benefit from the income along the way.

Too often, agents are either giving property managements away to somebody else or to the principal that they’re working for, and not really receiving the true benefit from that. This gives those agents the opportunity to build something for themselves. And of course, if they want to then retire or they decide to leave the industry, they’ve got something to fall back on in the future.

So our plan is to really ramp that up as well, along with the other services that we have, which is @realty Finance, @realty Conveyancing, and become a truly one-stop shop, turnkey solution for agents that want to start a business. And they’ll be able to do that under our brand. Very, very simple and very easily.

AREC’s been phenomenal this year. We’ve had a great time meeting everybody that’s flown in from all over the country. We’ve had a great time giving away Google Home Minis and water bottles and giving away the bags. It’s been a real pleasure meeting everybody. Everyone seems to be very excited with all the different speakers and meeting all the different exhibitors.

It’s a good opportunity for us to meet with the other service providers and everybody else that’s around here to. Great conference to attend. One of the biggest ones in Australia and one that we always look forward to attending.

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