Episode 48: Peter Sheahan on how to think counter-intuitively and create a business that “Matters”.

Guest Interview: Samantha McLean talks to AREC 2018 speaker, author and founder/Group CEO of Karrikins Group, Peter Sheahan about thinking counter-intuitively, what it means to “Matter”, the changing expectations of customers and how to get to your personal edge of disruption.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guests: Peter Sheahan


02:30    A background into Peter Sheahan’s career to date and establishing Karrikins Group
03:00    Generation Y: Thriving and Surviving With Generation Y at Work
04:00    Advice to young people: “Do things that are meaningful,” and “give back”.
04:30    Flip: How to Turn Everything You Know on Its Head-and Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Imaginings
05:00    How to think counterintuitively in real estate
05:50    “If you don’t want to be commoditised, then you can’t be doing the same thing as everybody else in exactly the same way.”
07:00    “Services have to be fast, good and cheap. Pick two.” How this has evolved to picking three plus the x-factor.
08:00    “To get control, give it up,” from company-generated to user-generated content.
09:00    “The number one thing that gets in the way of an agent’s ability to build a team is their desire to control everything.”
10:30    Matter: Move Beyond the Competition, Create More Value, and Become the Obvious Choice
11:00    The concept of mattering, value and contribution; less about gross commission or sales incentives.
12:30    Your edge of disruption: Your willingness to get outside of your comfort zone, take intelligent risks and experiment with new possibilities that exist.
13:30    We need to embrace a beginner’s mind; this is a big part of being successful in the edge of disruption.
14:00    How the diamond industry is disrupting themselves and creating a market of the future
15:30    Clay Christensen and the innovator’s dilemma: unwillingness to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.
16:30    Examples of industries being disrupted such as retail and healthcare.
17:30    There will be less guesswork involved in real estate’s future because of data collection.
20:00    The three key takeaways from Peter’s keynote at AREC 2018

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