BDM 2021: Hannah Gill and Tara Bradbury

"Without tenants, we don't have a property management industry. Ultimately they're our customer. Obviously we get paid by the landlord in terms of our role as property managers, but that by no means suggests that we shouldn't treat tenants with respect and help them on their journey of wealth creation." Hannah Gill

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Hannah Gill and Tara Bradbury are two of Australia’s leading principals, sharing their knowledge of property management in this week’s Elevate podcast, as well as through Elite Agent’s Executive BDM program.

Tara Bradbury is a principal licensee and principal leasing agent at Active Agents in Hervey Bay. With more than 16 years of real estate and property management experience, Tara shares her wealth of knowledge as the director of BDM Academy. 

Hannah is the director of The Property Collective and one half of Gill & Hooper. The multi-award winning principal is also the President of the Real Estate Institute of the Australian Capital Territory (REIACT).

In this edition of the Elevate podcast, Hannah and Tara chat about their background as BDMs, heightened service expectations and the strategies they have successfully used to grow their business.

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Samantha, Hannah and Tara also discuss:

  • How to encourage investors and agents in an upcoming region like Hervey Bay
  • How customer service has evolved over the past decade and how to deliver beyond expectations
  • Why it was important for Hannah’s new venture The Property Collective to have a holistic approach
  • Why maintaining relationships with tenants is just as important as keeping investors happy
  • What agency leaders look for in BDMs and what the biggest hurdles are with new hires
  • Managing customer expectations to make sure the team doesn’t get burnt out
  • How to manage objections from clients
  • What part of the Executive BDM are Hannah and Tara looking forward to the most?
  • And more…

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