Consistent communication: Tara Bradbury

The technology we have today has helped to increase expectations from customers, particularly when it comes to getting answers or speed of service. Tara Bradbury takes a look at how you can give the service you offer extra zing this year.

Customer service across property management has come a long way in terms of available technology, but people still want service from humans.

Here are a few of my recommendations to help boost or reboot your service approach.

Social media

If you build the profile they will connect – and at the times when you least expect it.

You can spend weeks, even months, posting consistent content and it’s usually the post where you say to yourself, “I will just post that one today and see what happens” that achieves the best result.

Social media is just another way to communicate and chat with your clients
and prospects.

While it is important to have a plan prepared for the week ahead, it is also
essential to engage in your followers’ posts.

Too many BDMs get caught up in planning the perfect posts for the week
and forget to communicate to the people who have agreed to be followers and watch them grow.

Treat your social media conversations the same way you would when you speak with a client in person or over the phone.

Show genuine interest and engage with them in the comments.

Electronic signature

Check if you can use electronic signatures under your state legislation.

Make sure it is on your priority list to implement in the next 24 hours, as I know from personal experience you will not turn back.

I work with landlords, tenants and even tradespeople who love the 2020 electric option in property management.

The game-changer has allowed me to use the time I would have spent printing, signing and scanning in paperwork to be a better communicator with all parties.

Visual approach

Does your marketing speak for you?

These are the top eight areas I would recommend you review to ensure they
deliver a consistent message:

  • Website – Your story
  • Social media portals – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok
  • profile
  • Google business
  • Just listed and just leased flyers
  • Business cards
  • Property signage
  • Online/pre-listing presentation

Make sure your content is relevant, updated and engaging so you can share your story without being physically present.

Individual approach

Focus on the individual and don’t get caught up in the standard bulk marketing approach.

Each prospect in your database has a different reason they joined in the first place and the type of communication they wish to receive.

Don’t allow getting busy to take over what you know got you to that opportunity.

Keep the individual approach personalised and make the time in your daily agenda to continue with this high standard.

Be warned that in 2020 if you don’t, someone else in your marketplace will.

If that individual is serious, they won’t just be on your database, they will be on many across your farm area, putting you all to the test.


Customer relationship managers add data, keep it up-to-date and remain in consistent contact.

It’s simple, not complicated.


Thorough service leads to creative thinking and practical actions, which ultimately is what we want to achieve as BDMs in every transaction we create.

So we must lead the way in our marketplace by providing education through our online portals and in person.

Consider the educational content you have been sharing and whether it will help the next prospect who is up at midnight frustrated with the current agent and trying to find someone else to help them.

Service is hidden in everything we do, and as individuals, we have the power to choose how we want to approach our marketplace and be perceived by those who have an interest in real estate.

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Tara Bradbury

Tara Bradbury is the Director of the BDM Academy sharing her business development ideas and strategies with property management BDM’s and Principals. For more information visit