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AREC 2018 Feature Interview: Evan Broadbent with Claudio Encina

In our latest feature interview from the AREC2018 Elite Agent Studio, Claudio Encina talks to Evan Broadbent about Quickrealestate, and how the portal improves both the listing and selling process for agents and property managers.


Claudio Encina: Here we are at AREC 2018, Elite Agent stand, and we’ve got a special guest today, Evan Broadbent. So Evan, tell us a little bit about yourself. You own Harcourts Warragul in Victoria, and you got another company called Quickrealestate. Give us a little bit of an insight on both the businesses.

Evan Broadbent: 20th year in the industry at the moment, and opened Harcourts Warragul about 6 and a half years ago, which is going fantastic. Team of about 20. Really, really good team and major regional growth area. So, it’s a good business and a good area to be in at the moment.

In 2014, I just saw a need to service a gap in the market and Quickrealestate was born. It’s a listing and selling portal where we instantly upload properties with the basic information; property address, bedrooms, bathrooms, car spaces, property type and price or selling method.

We instantly upload it onto, so then it instantly notifies registered buyers and tenants if they’ve got a matching search criteria.

Claudio Encina: What was that gap that you guys saw that you thought you could add value to, say, people in property management or real estate sales?

Evan Broadbent: A frustration I had was the process of collecting buyers’ data and we put it in their database. Then, we were listing property and then we will go through the process of the photos and the ad script and floor plans and drone images, and by the time you actually are uploading onto the major portals, it could be a week. It could be longer before you’re actually getting that online exposure. Then your listing, it you might email market the property out then, once you’ve got all that relevant information, and then you end up selling for someone in your database who was there on day one.

I was frustrated by that process and I thought, “We’ve got the listing and we’ve got the buyer and we’re doing all this work, we’re spending our vendor’s money and we already had both the listing and the buyer.” So, I wanted to create a system that at least matched them up straight away. And Quickrealestate was born.

Claudio Encina: Fantastic. And how’s the business going so far?

Evan Broadbent: Yeah, good. We’ve got 272 agencies subscribed across the country. We’re in every state in Australia at the moment, which is great. We’ve got about 2 and a half thousand registered buyers and tenants with alerts set in about 800 suburbs across the country. You know, people are really looking for an alternative to the majors at the moment, and we don’t consider ourselves a replacement tool. We just want to service its initial gap…

Claudio Encina: It’s in the marketplace.

Evan Broadbent: Absolutely, and service our buyers, they’re really crying out for early notification. They want an equal opportunity to buy.

Claudio Encina: And tell me, so it’s on a property management level? So for tenants?

Evan Broadbent: Absolutely.

Claudio Encina: And also you’ve got it there on the sales platform as well?

Evan Broadbent: Correct.

Claudio Encina: You’ve got the best of both worlds.

Evan Broadbent: Tenants are in a real hurry. So, they need to find a property, and they need to find it quickly. So, with Quickrealestate, for example, the tenant gives notice when a property becomes available. Upload straight away to Quickrealestate and it’s going to notify tenants within minutes. And they just then have the opportunity to contact the agent.

Claudio Encina: So, Evan, if people want to get more information about it, what’s the best place to reach out to you? Where can they find you?

Evan Broadbent: Jump on our website: Look us up there. All the information’s on there. Videos, tutorials, obviously give everyone a really good indication of what the site is about. 

At the moment, we’re offering 12 months free subscriptions. We want people using it, trialing it. We want their feedback.

Claudio Encina: I love freebies, Evan! I’m going to jump on later today and subscribe to that, because it sounds brilliant. I think if someone’s in the marketplace thinking about joining, go onto your website, have a look at what it’s all about and then, hey, what have you got to lose? 12-month free subscription to try and get ahead. 

Evan, thank you so much for joining us here at Elite Agent, 2018.

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