Why 2023 is the year to be your own boss

Michael Choi, founder of real estate network Area Specialist, explains how you can have a better year in 2023 even though the market is tougher.

Opening that clean page in your new diary should be like a shot of energy into your career. You start the year with a clean slate. It is the time for action on those plans you have kept putting on the back burner, waiting for the time to be right.

Chances are you will be like many of the other agents I talk to who are looking for a better deal at work.

You may have devoted years to building your reputation in your patch but you are frustrated with the returns in your pocket.

Paying a hefty percentage of your hard-earned commissions to your boss will do that to you.

Repeating the mistakes you made in the past year will only result in more of the same in 2023.

No doubt you have seen colleagues and competitors in the industry make the jump to being their own boss.

They take control so they work where and when they like, not tied to someone else’s schedule.

There is a reason they seem more content and less stressed than you are.  

Yet you keep thinking: maybe in six months I will be ready.

You start to sound like one of those prospective clients you talked to in 2021 who thought it would be better to wait to sell.

The truth is there is no such thing as the perfect time to become your own boss.

The future is here

We have all seen how technology brings change, and fast.

Ways of working we took for granted a few years ago are outmoded, old business models become obsolete.

Some of the things your bosses always told you about the benefits of a traditional business turned out to be not necessary after all.

For example, when was the last time a potential vendor walked into your main-street office off the street?

A worldwide epidemic taught all of us some lessons about what is possible in the ways we work.

It helped many of us see that changes in the real estate industry were as much about culture and mindset as they were about shiny new gadgets.

Did it really matter if you closed a deal while you were sitting on a beach and not in a business suit in the office? Did your clients receive any benefit from signing documents in an office?

Clients are time-poor: They don’t want to travel if they don’t need to, they don’t want to be caught in traffic.

They want you to come to them or are happy to do everything online.

You don’t need to hand over a slice of your hard-earned commissions just to have a place to meet.

Working with a company like Area Specialist, you have the same flexibility that your clients demand.

You can set up a home office or open an office in the main street if that is best for you.

You can work on your deck, at a café, on the laptop while you wait to pick up the kids from school.

Your clients need you to help solve their problems, not show off the office boardroom furniture.

Taking charge is easier than you think

Agents soon learn how simple it is to take control of their career with the right help working in the background for them.

As a licensee with Area Specialist you pay a flat monthly fee to receive the support of a powerful real estate network providing all the tools to run your own business.

You keep 100 per cent of your commissions so the more you sell, the more goes to your pocket instead of to your boss.

Tough times need a proactive response 

The market is tighter, property takes longer to sell.

If you don’t make changes you could earn less in commissions than you did in 2022.

And we all know people in business who don’t keep a close enough watch on their outgoings.

Inflation is up, interest rates are up, car costs are up.

How much are you paying for fuel just to drive to the office every day?

How much better off will you be in 2023 if you take home 100 per cent of your commissions?

Keeping all of the commission you earn means you can have an improved lifestyle without needing to compromise.

Being your own boss is an investment for now and the future.

Our results show that people who join our network at least double their income.

More than that, it is about making a long-term change to create a pathway to a sustainable career where you are paid what you are worth.

That gives you the freedom, the time and the financial security to devote to things that matter most in your life: family, health and happiness.

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Michael Choi

Michael Choi is the Founder of Area Specialist, a real estate platform that helps top performing agents open up their own business without the cost, time or risk.

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