The dos and don’ts for creating engaging Instagram reels

Short-form video content continues to grow in popularity and it has become an increasingly powerful way for agents to market themselves and their listings.

US-based real estate coach and social media guru, Katie Lance says agents need to continue to build their brand and market their listings using social media and a great way to do that is by creating engaging Instagram Reels.

According to Katie, there are a number of things you should do to make your posts more effective. She also shares a few no-nos to avoid at all costs.

Do these:

Create informative and engaging content

Katie believes that any content that you put out into the world needs be engaging and valuable to the audience. However, there are some simple things you can do to make basic ideas more interesting and professional.

She says creating Instagram Reels can be less nerve-wracking if you use everyday life as content inspiration. 

She suggests capturing short clips of interesting or funny moments and showcasing your local expertise as a real estate agent. 

Then combine these clips, add music and text, and create simple property tour videos without narration.

Remember to film vertically for better traction and engagement.

Use Instagram’s editing features

Katies says agents who are new to creating content should focus on using Instagram’s tools and not other Apps.

“Use what Instagram has available,” she says.

“The good news is, editing with the Reels has gotten even easier. 

“When you are creating a Reel, you can easily upload your clips and you can also add text.”

Engage with other users in your network

Katie suggests that once you’ve got your content created you should look at ways to better engage with your audience each day.

“On a daily basis, if you want to grow your Instagram, make sure you’re scrolling through your feed, and interact with at least five people a day,” she says.

“Don’t be a drive-by liker, but take a few minutes to like, comment and interact with your colleagues, with people that you’re following.

“And you might even search out other businesses that are local to you – your local country club, your local tennis club, local businesses, your things in your local area.

“And you can interact with others who are posting or creating content in that local area.”

Don’t do these:

Don’t post irrelevant or unprofessional content

Katie suggests that when you’re running a business the kind of content that you’re putting out there needs to reflect your brand.

“Keep your reels professional; doesn’t mean you have to be stuffy and buttoned up, but keep them related to your business,” she explains.

She also says it’s often worth taking a second look at some of your content and making sure it is always “putting your best foot forward”.

Don’t post copyrighted material

Katie says you should always focus on original content and royalty-free music and images.

“One of the things I think that’s really important with music is to pick the music that Instagram has available,” she says.

“I always recommend if you are editing your Reels somewhere else, maybe in Canva or in another App, do that editing and then put it into Instagram, and then find the music within Instagram and add it.

“In terms of other content, there are some great sites out there where you can get some stock video footage, for example pexels.com.

Don’t forget to disclose partnerships or affiliations

Katie says it’s important to always disclose any business relationships you might have.

“If you have some sort of partnership, maybe you love a certain product or a certain App, and you’re an affiliate for that company and you’re doing a Reel about it, make sure you disclose that,” she says.

“You might be OK just disclosing that in your caption or underneath your reel.”

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