Simplified offers: Daniel Bignold on creating transaction transparency, delivering better service, and how agents can streamline the purchasing process

Managing multiple offers via different channels is no easy feat for an agent. It’s also confusing for the buyer, stressful for the seller and there’s a lack of transparency for everyone involved. Here, Daniel Bignold shares the innovations that are transforming the offer management process along with how it’s set to evolve in the future.

Imagine purchasing a property was as simple as engaging with an agent, then ticking a box or pressing a button.

That future is almost here, according to Propps Founder and Chief Executive Officer Daniel Bignold.

Daniel explains the past couple of years have seen major innovations in both the offer management and sales negotiation space as technology seeks to streamline the process and eliminate the back and forth between buyers, agents and sellers.

Along the way these tools have also simplified the often complicated and unfamiliar experience that buyers encounter when making an offer on a property.

But as far as this innovation has come, there’s a whole lot more to look to forward to in the future as the process of purchasing a property becomes even more streamlined, transparent and efficient.

In this Elevate podcast with Elite Agent Managing Editor Samantha McLean, Daniel looks at the future of property transactions, including the tools agents can use to guide buyers through the process, foster greater competition, and create an improved buying or selling experience.

He shares his vision for the industry’s future, including the fact it will always involve agents but will require greater transparency and efficiency that solves the pain points of buyers, sellers and agents.

Daniel also looks at why the PropTech playing field has shifted to focus on greater collaboration and partnerships that help agents

In a podcast that’s about the future, the present and how the purchasing process is changing, he also shares an insight into how his business has quickly scaled up, while navigating the typical growing pains associated with swift success.

“So the QR codes will be printed off and left in the property in some way. The agent can then direct their buyer to scan that QR code. That buyer then gets taken straight through to the agent’s website or the agent’s listing itself. There’ll be a ‘make an offer’ button, and then that buyer can click that ‘make an offer’ button.” – Daniel Bignold.

Samantha and Daniel also discuss:

  • How agents can use technology to improve their success rate in listing presentations.
  • Why helping buyers understand and navigate the process of making an offer improves the likelihood of a sale.
  • How agents can tap into offer management tools to make their lives easier, and why the right tech solution is all about solving the needs of the buyer, the seller and the agent.
  • Why the traditional offer process is flawed, and how agents can overcome the typical to-ing and fro-ing of the negotiation phase.
  • Where the industry is headed in the immediate future and how PropTech will help make a property purchase as simple as clicking a button.
  • Why that future will potentially involve selling property as a non-fungible token and using digital currencies, and how existing technology will help manage that process.
  • How agents can use tech tools to increase competition during the offer and negotiation phase of a property sale.
  • Why buyers and sellers appreciate simplicity, greater transparency and a sales process that is easy and streamlined.
  • What Propps is focusing on next, including the partnerships they’re creating and the major players they’re working with.
  • Where Daniel sees the real estate industry in 2030, and the role that technology will play.

Plus much, much more…

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.