Maximum impact: Tristan Lovell on the untapped power of your database; how to find it, use it, and gain more listings

In real estate, the power of a database is immense. But its full potential is often untapped and that could be costing you income, according to RiTA’s Tristan Lovell. Here, he shares his top tips on creating a database that’s clean, current and accurately represents your community, then using it to become the agent of choice.

Packed full of potential sellers and buyers, a database is one of the most important tools in an agent’s professional toolkit.

It’s the place where future listings reside. It’s the home of current and potential buyers and sellers. It’s the space where you can create a community that sees you as the agent of choice.

In other words, it’s the key foundation of your sales pipeline.

But for a database to work to best effect, it’s got to be clean, it’s got to be current and it’s got to be consistently worked. 

If it’s not, it could be losing you money – big money in the form of lost listings.   

In this episode of the Elevate podcast with podcast producer Cassandra Charlesworth, Tristan Lovell offers his top tips on tapping the full potential of your database.

As the head of growth for digital assistant RiTA, he looks at how agents can clean their database, warm it up and create consistency when it comes to reaching out to the right people within their CRM at the right time.

He shares an insight into how you can do that more efficiently using tools like automation, SMS, marketing and the human touch, while also identifying those lost listings that Tristan says cost agencies on average around $100,000 in commission a week.

In the process, Tristan discusses how artificial intelligence can assist, saving agents time by identifying serious buyers and sellers and having human-like, two-way prospecting conversations.

Ultimately, he notes, it allows the agent to understand who to call, when, creating greater efficiency and improving their likelihood of listing success.

And he shares some real-life stories of the ways other agencies have maximised their database, designed great marketing strategies, and really honed their prospecting technique to ramp up their results.

As he notes, it’s not about replacing the human but helping agents define exactly when they should pick up the phone, who they should call, why they should make that contact, and what they should say.

“It’s been coached to death, hasn’t it from all these real estate trainers for many years? Pick up the phone. What we’re here to do is just help that experience, so the agent loves picking up the phone.” – Tristan Lovell.

Cassandra and Tristan also discuss:

  • Why there’s more value in your database than you dreamed of and the tools that can help you tap into that power and maximise its potential.
  • The value of a pristine database, how it can be achieved, and why it’s essential to keep that list of contacts current, warm and engaged to become an agent of choice.
  • Why agencies are losing an estimated $100,000 worth of listings a week, and the tools that can help them understand why that’s the case.
  • How to progressively clean your database while having timely and relevant communication with your contacts.
  • Why successful prospecting is all about reaching out to the right people at the right time and the tools that can make this easier and more efficient.
  • The conversations agents should be having with sellers and buyers right now, and how to connect with contacts long before they need an agent.
  • How agents can overcome task anxiety and get more confident picking up the phone to provide real value to a prospect.
  • The power of the call list when it comes to prospecting and how you can create comprehensive lists of every person who lives around a property for sale.
  • When to automate your communication, when only a human connection will suffice, and how to identify the point where an agent needs to step in.

And much, much more…

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