How AI and SMS automations have changed the way this agent works

Tristan Lovell recently had a chat with Sam Taylor, a sales agent at McGrath Estate Agents North Canberra, about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated two-way SMS conversations.

The RiTA by AiRE Growth Specialist asked Sam how these two tech solutions changed his game and got him three extra listings in less than two months.

When sales agents start working with AI-powered robots, they become more productive and focused on servicing the right people at the right time. The human (agent) and AI combination is simple, effective and scalable.

For Sam, using the AI-powered robot RiTA has helped him win three extra listings in less than two months.

Sam told Tristan in a recent webinar he could still do a lot of calls to his BDA and almost double his chance of meeting more people by having RiTA on his side, also engaging with contacts in his database.

For those who have not heard of RiTA before, she works like a digital assistant and helps agents build trusted relationships with their contacts by providing prospecting call lists and having hyper-personalised, two-way SMS conversations on autopilot.

RiTA can look at every single listing which surrounds every person in the database and fire up an SMS conversation about that listing to reach out, offer an appraisal and add value to the property owner, without the agent doing anything.

It’s a powerful communication channel that agents have at their fingertips. With an open rate of 98 per cent and an engagement rate of 29 per cent, SMS is a must in an agent’s marketing strategy.

Sam ran two different SMS campaigns in RiTA and picked up two extra listings from contacts he would not have had time to call.

He explained having RiTA was like adding an extra bit of marketing and prospecting into his business, without much effort. She enabled him to spend more time with his vendors, find new ones and focus on lead generation.

In addition, Sam shared how he saved a lot of time by not having to do the research on a person before picking up the phone and booking an appraisal because all that information was automatically in RiTA. He knew who to call, what to say and became twice as productive.

RiTA’s call lists enabled him to win one extra listing from a contact he had not engaged with in the past six months.

Sam’s experience with RiTA’s AI and SMS automation features has enabled him to engage with more contacts in his database, maintain trusted relationships and generate more consistent leads.

You can catch the full conversation between Tristan and Sam here and see real examples of RiTA’s call lists and automated two-way SMS conversations.

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