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AI tech that assists agents in qualifying buyers

Buyer management is in the spotlight as the needle shifts on buyers this spring selling season. The common way of qualifying buyers, via phone call, is working, but is it scalable?

When buyers inquire about a property on listing portals like and Domain, they usually get an email response with more information about the property.

Following the email, they get a phone call from the listing agent or assistant.

The phone conversation is all about finding out more about the buyers. Are they hot buyers? Do they own a property? Do they need to sell? Do they want to invest?

Now, what if you could automate buyer qualification conversations with technology?

RiTA, a digital real estate employee, can have those qualifying conversations on your behalf, saving you a significant amount of time.

The process is very straightforward.

Every buyer that inquires about a listing from and Domain is sent an SMS from RiTA.

RiTA integrates with your and Domain accounts so every buyer inquiry is captured in the platform.

As soon as someone inquires about a property you have listed, RiTA follows up with an SMS to find more information. The soft introduction message starts with, “Thank you for your inquiry on XYZ property”.

RiTA then asks a series of questions to qualify the buyer on your behalf.

The SMS conversation is designed to qualify buyers and identify new opportunities. RiTA asks questions about timeframe, buyer requirements and finance.

All the questions you would normally ask via the phone, RiTA does for you via SMS.

Her messages are fully customisable to suit your language and ask the questions you want to ask.

Every appraisal, investor, and finance lead is sent to you or your team.

If a buyer needs to sell before buying, wants to invest or requires finance, a follow up or lead is assigned to you or your team. No opportunity will be missed.

The benefits of using RiTA as an agent are twofold: she does the groundwork for you and she saves you time.

She engages with buyers at speed, via SMS, and she helps you provide an exceptional service, by responding to inquiries.

Are you ready to automate your buyer qualification conversations? Contact us today to get started.

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