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AI digital assistant RiTA now integrates with PropTech Group’s Eagle CRM

PropTech Group’s Eagle CRM is the newest addition to the list of CRMs that digital assistant RiTA plugs into.

The integration allows real estate agencies using Eagle CRM to generate more leads from their CRM and clean their data through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation.

RiTA is designed to enhance existing data with property and market data, analyses and segments contacts, and engages with them via personalised two-way SMS conversations, call lists and emails.

The Eagle CRM is a real estate listing and contact management software package that puts real estate businesses on autopilot.

It is part of PropTech Group, whose products are used by 42 per cent of real estate agencies in Australia and New Zealand.

In a recent webinar, Eagle Software’s Head of Sales Trevor Bragg said it was important agents segment their data, making sure people are going into their correct groups.

“The beauty of Eagle Software, with the automations we have in place, is that the system will do that for you,” he said.

“For example, a sale inquiry comes in, and it’s obviously a buyer, so we put them in the buyer group. That information feeds into RiTA and you can then do some prospecting campaigns.”

Proptech of the Year (Scale-Up) RiTA focuses on helping agents unlock the real value of their data.

By creating conversations that build trust, she generates consistent leads and nurtures relationships over the long term.

“The integration with Eagle Software and RiTA is powerful and allows you to have meaningful conversations with people via call lists and SMS,” Mr Bragg said.

RiTA Head of Sales Tristan Lovell noted so many opportunities in agents’ databases go to competition because agents are not there for them.

“Agents assume that if people need them, they will give them a call.

“Some people do of course but there are a lot of people out there that don’t. That’s why agents use technology like RiTA to have valuable conversations on their behalf, because they don’t remember or just don’t have time.”

The automated, two-way SMS conversations that RiTA can have on behalf of agents target property owners, buyers and investors, producing appraisal leads, finance leads and/or landlord leads as well as qualifying buyers.

And in this changing market, it is crucial to level up buyer servicing and management.

The integration is a two-way synchronisation so everything that is done in RiTA goes to Eagle Software and vice versa.

If you would like more information about RiTA and get a quote, please contact the Growth team at RiTA at

To learn more about Eagle Software click here

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