Leverage the learning: Kul Singh talks customer focus, market conditions, and what it takes to be an AREA winner

Want exclusive access to the AREAs? Over the next three weeks we're bringing you behind the scenes with everything you need to know. Check out this episode of the Elevate Podcast with special guest Kul Singh.

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Between on-again, off-again lockdowns, a hot property market and the demands of one- on-one inspections, it’s been a rollercoaster year for real estate.

But as REA Group’s Chief Customer Officer Kul Singh explains, there’s a lot to celebrate as we come out the other side.

That’s exactly what the group intends to do at this year’s Annual REA Excellence Awards, with nominations for the awards open until November 17.

Kul explains this year’s awards will be a little different, but offer the opportunity for agencies to examine all that they’ve achieved in a year that’s been like no other.

It’s a chance to celebrate, he says, while leveraging the learning of a challenging 18 months.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, Kul shares why he feels this year’s awards are so important, looking back at the year that was, while examining what’s happening in the market now, and what’s likely to occur next.

With a deep insight into market trends and data, he offers some tips for agents looking to better connect with potential clients, and shares the REA tools that will assist agents and property managers with leads and improved service.

Kul also discusses what it’s been like to reside in a city that’s gone from the most liveable to the most locked down, and why he believes kindness is currently critical in business, along with the initiatives REA has introduced to foster wellbeing for its customers.

Learn from the past and leverage the learnings over the last 12 to 18 months, but focus on the opportunities ahead. As they say, the windscreen is bigger than the rearview mirror, and there’s plenty of opportunities ahead of us that we can create positive change for.” Kul Singh.

Samantha and Kul also discuss:

  • What it takes to be an AREA winner, and the top tips for creating a winning submission
  • How winning an AREA benefits individuals and brands, along with the support and prizes up for grabs
  • What’s different about the AREAs this year in terms of submissions, data-driven awards and new categories
  • How buyer search terms and sentiment has changed in a market where listings are tight and prices are high, and how you can assist your customers manage this shift
  • Why now’s the time for agents to get up to speed on renovations as a strategy to engage with vendors moving forward
  • How the lifting of restrictions is impacting the property market in terms of vendor inquiry, and the tools agencies can use to nurture and connect with prospects
  •  Why REA partnered with Benny Button to introduce a wellbeing initiative, and how the industry responded with record engagement
  • How REA is more focussed than ever on its customer and their feedback and what they’re using it to achieve

And much, much more…

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