Kul Singh takes on a new role as the REA Group shifts to a customer-focused model

REA Group has announced the creation of a new business unit known as the ‘Customer Group’, led by chief customer officer Kul Singh.

Mr Singh was previously the group’s chief sales officer.

The move aims to shift REA from a sales group to a customer group, realigning the business to ensure it maintains focus on delivering value to Australia’s real estate agents, property managers and other property professionals beyond just products.

The shift brings together sales, success and service delivery under one function, creating a strong customer support service for all marketing, property advertising and software needs.

“Core to this evolution is a focus on delivering excellence and customer value beyond our product offering,” Mr Singh explained.

“We want our customers to love doing business with us and the pivot from a sales group to a customer group is key to maximising our efforts to deeply connect with Australia’s property professionals.

“We know our customers have high expectations on what REA should deliver and we are determined to meet and exceed their expectations.

“To ensure we continue to deliver outstanding results, as a team we need to think ahead as well as respond quickly and pragmatically to customer needs. Our new team structure will help us achieve this.”

As part of the change, REA has also introduced a Commercial Growth & Industry Partnerships team.

Led by Marini Gils, the new team will focus on partnering with the industry and shaping new products and loyalty initiatives.

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