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Lead Generation Online: Sherrie Storor

Week 10: Our Transform Masters 2017 Supersix learn about using the online world to generate leads.

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In this preview of her Transform Masters Coaching session, Sherrie Storor shares her best tips to use the online world for lead generation, including building traction and prospecting on social media.

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Hi, everyone. I’m Sherrie Storor, and I’ve been in the industry now since 2001.

Q. How did you grow your database from zero?

Sherrie: When I owned my own chain of agencies, we were really selling a lot of projects in boom time, so we were getting a lot of leads that are coming through. But, when I came back onto the tools in terms of really selling and being an agent from 2011, I really worked on my networks and my databases.

In addition to that, every single lead that came through, whether it be over the phone, through networking even, a lead from or, they went into my database, and they also went to my social media.

Q. How did you build traction with your leads?

Sherrie: I did two things once I put them into the database. The first thing was, that I made regular contact, and I actually created a trial with them. So, whether that be a handwritten card or a touch base in 6 months time, there was actually something that I needed to do so, there was actually some personalised contact.

Otherwise, on social media it was just really a matter of asking them to come along and follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and on Instagram and LinkedIn, and connecting that way. So that way, they could see who I was authentically as a person and as an agent, and that way I was able to create a following on social media and also in my database.

Q. Your most effective social media platform for lead gen?

Sherrie: For me, Facebook has really been the main driver in my social media, and I think that’s just been because I’ve been able to consistently post on there a couple of times a day, and really show who I am as a person.

As much as I put up a lot of really professional posts, I think the authenticity of doing a selfie video and those sorts of things as well get the power, and people sharing it.

Q. Any tips for prospecting using social media?

Sherrie:I think prospecting on social media can be a little bit tricky and it’s a very fine line. You don’t want to just be on social media, just asking for things all the time. I think you actually need to give.

I think that’s very important so, if you’re very empowered in terms of inspirational quotes, put them on there. If it’s about inspirational videos, put them on there. If it’s about what’s happening with your children, put them on there.

But, once you’ve actually built up a bit of a following in terms of what’s happening in your community, and you’re letting people know what’s going on, then perhaps you can ask for something.

It could be something as simple as every quarter just saying, “Hey guys. We’ve just had massive run out. Looking for listings.” Or, “Look, we just got all of these buyers looking for this style of property, do you know of anybody?” And creating some engagement around in that particular way.

Q. How should agents approach changes in the marketplace?

Sherrie: As more and more millennials become buyers and sellers, they actually want to communicate via email, and they don’t necessarily want to pick up the phone. Once upon a time, when a lead came in, the first thing you did was actually pick up that phone. Whereas now, that needs to completely change, and we need to change our activity as agents to replicate that.

If your marketplace is still more that high end, the reality is that you’re probably still dealing with the older buyers, and they still might be looking printing and so forth. So, that still might be a medium that’s working well for your particular demographic.

Otherwise, you’re really going to need to think about: What social media am I using? How am I using my database? Are you selling properties before they hit the market, or are you just solely relying on and to do that?

What are you actually doing to build your database and to build the following? So you can also try and show people that your best intentions is actually for selling their property, and as quickly as possible, for as much money as possible, but by spending as little as possible. So, does that mean you’re actually building the right database, and how are you engaging with that?

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