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Industry Supplier Update: Style Bundle at AREC 2018

Susan Beardsley and Suzy Leys, Co-Founders and Owners of Style Bundle, spoke to us at AREC 2018 about their tailor-made gifting solutions for the property industry and their focus on personalisation and effective storytelling through their full suite of gifts.



Susan Beardsley: Hi, my name is Susan, I’m from Style Bundle. At Style Bundle, we’re all about tailored gift solutions for the property industry. 

Suzy Leys: We are the property gifting specialists. We tailor make gifting programs for our clients in the property industry. 

Susan Beardsley: We do it in a way that brings together a story for your clients. 

Suzy Leys: We deal with real estate agents, property developers, stylists, mortgage brokers, anyone in the property game. We are your gifting one stop shop. 

We stand out from other gifting providers in that we focus on personalising for our customer and adapting the product to their customer. So we are very focused on personalisation, on brand, on making sure that the product that we give our clients is a representation of their brand to their customer and really looking at providing gifts that are relevant and are a lovely statement in their home that they want to share and enjoy with people and start that conversation. 

What’s cool about our company is that we solve problems. Our business model is designed to provide a solution to the fact that gifting is cumbersome and really difficult to execute in agencies.

So, we offer a program and a model that allows you to have a full suite of gifting offered across potentially a number of offices and a number of agents and still personalising and fulfilling on demand from our logistics warehouse in Melbourne. 

We are loving AREC 2018. Thank you for having us. It’s been a great time so far. We’re looking forward to the rest of it and we’ll be back next year.

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