Episode 47: The countdown to AREC2018 with #teamelite’s Samantha, Mark and Claudio

The #AREC2018 Edition: Managing Editor Samantha McLean, Publisher Mark Edwards and real estate coach Claudio Encina talk about this year’s AREC speakers and exhibitors, the key takeaways from our recent Transform program, and information and tips on implementing what you learn from the conference.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guests: Mark Edwards and Claudio Encina


02:50    Tips for calming the nerves and comfort in your space before public speaking
04:20    Presentation Skills and Presenting to Camera – Shelly Horton
06:20    Cohen Handler announces the departure of CEO and co-founder Ben Handler
08:30    Claudio Encina’s most anticipated AREC18 speakers
09:30    Harnessing the Unconscious with Dr Fred Grosse
13:00    AREC18 Exhibitior interviews, Snapchat filter and behind-the-scenes
14:30    Day 1 Wrap Sunday 5pm, Day 2 Wrap Monday 2pm. Bookmark them now.
15:00    A sneak peek of the major exhibitors (and giveaways) at AREC18
17:00    Transform 2018 R1: What we’ve learned from the 30-day program
19:15    Tim Ferriss: if 80 per cent of people are doing/saying the same things, it’s time to change
21:00    The 3 sales of real estate; listing, sale, and the buyer/vendor meeting point
23:00    For more Transform 2018 highlights, visit
26:00    How to implement what you learn from AREC 2018
27:00    Join the Elite Agent #AREC2018 Notepool here
29:00    Visit us at AREC 2018 at Stand 18

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